SAP Licensing and Consultancy Services

Advantages of digital transformation can be easily seen. As a result of successful integration of enterprise applications, efficiency throughout the company increases and the expenses are reduced. Effective marketing processes make sales teams and managers happy.

However, the process starting with the decision of digital transformation, continuing with the selection of products and solutions, and ends with the completion of integration is not so clear: There are many decisions to make, needs and tasks to identify, and elements to consider while selecting the right product and service.

Let’s assume that you have selected an SAP solution. Do you know what conditions will provide you with the best efficiency? Which components will you continue to use in your current infrastructure and which ones will you create from scratch? Do you need a fast-implementation project or a roll-out project? Answers to all these questions will determine the difference between digital transformation being a great success for you or constituting a great risk.

Fortunately, you have a reliable solution partner that has the answer key to these questions and that has helped many businesses benefit greatly from digital transformation with numerous projects: Çözümevi!

Çözümevi implements projects quickly but meticulously thanks to its extensive industry-based experience and proven methodologies. By ensuring that the needs are identified correctly, it licenses only the products that will provide benefits for you. Thus, unnecessary expenses under the name of digital transformation are prevented.

Once the products that will bring you success are identified, Çözümevi’s expert consultants support you throughout the project. The goal of the consultancy teams is to support development at each phase and constantly improve and monitor ways of doing business. With vast know-how, the teams perform every necessary action to ensure that you are one step ahead of the game in your area of operation.

Thanks to Çözümevi Licensing and Consultancy Services, uncertainties of digital transformation are eliminated and with tangible and measurable benefits, companies can focus only on growth and innovation.