Budget, Consolidation and Risk Management

As a budget planning and consolidation module,  SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation), works in integration with SAP ERP and contributes greatly to corporations in terms of analysis and decision making. It is very important that budget and planning projections can reply flexibly to sectorial, economic and legal demands. SAP BPC is a prominent solution that answers these needs.

SAP BPC solution ensures data security by storing planning and budget data on the database. It also allows fast results of different scenarios and ensures time savings in budget planning process.

SAP BO-FC: With its ability to process complex data models and to support multiple data cycles for more than one GAAP, SAP BO-FC supports financial closing requirements of large scale businesses and ensures the collection and reporting of more specific data such as the strategic plan or CAPEX.

  • Supporting up to 40 dimensions, 22 of which can be defined by the user
  • High integration ability depending on reporting requirements
  • Highly complex visual data validations
  • Support for various exchange rates and consolidation methods as well as multiple organization structures (Matrix consolidation)
  • Support for various consolidation logics such as elimination and agreements between companies for complex, industry specific business rules
  • Various analysis types and drilldown integrated reporting
  • Highly scalable, “n” layered architecture that can support a wide user base via Excel plug-in

SAP GRC: Today, companies want to efficiently monitor their operational and financial risks, to successfully establish their risk management systems, and to use these systems effectively. SAP GRC provides effective support in this area. Primary benefits of SAP GRC are:

  • Risk Management: Balances business opportunities with strategic, operational, financial, legal, and compliance risks and elevates corporate performance to the highest level
  • Access Control: Allows corporate access to be controlled in a secure manner, supports the prevention of fraud, and minimizes the time and expenses for compliance
  • Process Control: Centrally performs important controls in all corporate systems, ensures compliance, and activates control management of business processes