Business Analytics

How well do you manage your data? The answer to this question will also reveal your competitive power. In order to adapt to the digital world where the economy is not based upon capital but data management, you need to procure, store, manage, and process data in the best way and turn them into information.

Saving the same data in two different versions at two different locations means your business is face to face with the threat of two incompatible decisions in two separate departments.

To eliminate such inconveniences, it is not enough just to collect the data on a central system. You also need solutions that process data in the fastest way and provide reports based upon factual information as well as an expert and experienced business partner that designs projects for these solutions and allows you to implement them successfully.

With its expertise in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence solution that changed the rules of the game, as well as in applications such as Business Planning and Consolidation, Corporate Performance Management, Strategy Management, and Financial Consolidation, Çözümevi allows you to manage all your business processes end-to-end in the most efficient way and to get the highest benefit from your digital assets.

SAP BusinessObjects (BO) Business Intelligence
With its high performance and proven success, SAP BusinessObjects (BO) Business Intelligence applications ensure that the data you have are consistent throughout the enterprise and are processed in the fastest way, thus generating the reports needed by the decision-making mechanisms. Thanks to this application, all system users can simultaneously access the most updated data and perform instant planning.

Business Intelligence applications, which are the equivalent of digital transformation in the corporate world, become your fundamental competitive advantage thanks to Çözümevi’s extensive project experience and customized projects.

Enterprise Performance Management (SAP EPM)
If you want to prevent market-leading ideas from losing their meaning within the organizational structure, you need a solution that will help you maintain the same strategy and target throughout the enterprise. Thanks to Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), your growth targets will be as important for all system users as they are for you. With simplified processes that are free from human error, budget projections become more exact and the corporate strategies become valid and current.