Mey İçki Invoice Automation Project

Thanks to the project, we can migrate complex workflow processes onto the system. Since the system has a structure that works in integration with SAP MM and FI modules, accounting records are automatically created at the end of approvals. As approvals are given in the mobile environment, invoices are processed more quickly.

Kalyon Group SAP ERP Project

We call ERP the “engine house”. Without a perfectly operating engine house below, it is not possible to install a high quality Management Information System. For this reason, this first step is very important. SAP is a proven application in this field. Also, SAP BusinessObjects is an important step in terms of business intelligence.

Borusan EnBW Enerji SAP Project

SAP’s project management and procurement management modules became operationally integrated at Borusan EnBW Enerji. With this project, the company’s department-based procurements, project procurements, contracts, progress payments, advance payments, construction sites, and regional cash point utilizations became active.

STFA SAP CRM / Mobile Project

Our project is the first implementation of SAP CRM module in the Turkish construction industry. With this project our employers, competitors, business partners are stored in the system according to their roles. All contacts of companies can be stored in the system with their contact information. Projects that we track and tenders we prepare for…