Commercial Project Management

In projects that will grow your business, taking decisions based on incorrect or outdated data is a significant threat to success. In addition to the time spent for collecting information on the project, processes that are developed on paper or based on Excel documents reduce efficiency as well. SAP Commercial Project Management (CPM) solution eliminates all such difficulties and ensures that all projects are completed successfully.

Allowing projects critical for your growth to be completed faster and more successfully, SAP CPM provides project teams with all the tools they need for planning, management, and collaboration.

People working on the same project can be located at adjacent desks or in different countries. Whatever the case, they can contribute to the project in the same way thanks to the easy-to-use tools of CPM and thus superior efficiency is ensured.

  • It easily defines and prioritizes critical tasks for smarter resource distribution and increase in efficiency
  • It prevents unexpected costs and the cost increases
  • It ensures better communication between members of the project team and other stakeholders
  • It foresees possible changes and prevents unnecessary delays
  • It prevents uncontrollable expansion of project scope