Çözümevi Check-Up

Analyse SAP Best Practice Compliance with Check-Up

Thousands of companies aim for the highest efficiency by using smart technologies. Digitalization and digital transformation are enabling the production of value-added services and products, while balancing competition in the international arena by increasing efficiency. The digital transformation movement, in which businesses are involved, is growing exponentially each passing day with investments and innovations. The total net economic benefit of this technological move, together with other sectors such as consumer, automotive, logistics, energy, telecommunications, media, mining and chemistry, is estimated to be approximately 30 trillion dollars.

Maximize your efficiency with Çözümevi Check-Up!

As Çözümevi, we support the technological adaptation and smart business journey of companies with the solutions we offer and increase their efficiency. Our check-up solution includes studies for both SAP architecture and different application solutions. Regulatory changes in the implementation processes of SAP solutions may bring out new needs and challenges. This makes it difficult to manage both the system and the development and configuration applications over time. While Check-Up keeps your SAP systems up-to-date and adapts them to your changing needs and perform developing, it makes it easier for your company to get the highest efficiency from SAP infrastructure.

Identify your needs in 3 stages

System Architecture Analysis

With this analysis, which fundamentally appears as a BASIS audit, many issues such as system configuration, current version control, network infrastructure, security strategy and authorization structure are audited.

  • System configuration
  • Current system version check
  • Network infrastructure
  • Security strategy
  • Authorization structure

Application Architecture Analysis

By using the following steps, module process analyses are performed with experienced consultants and solution architects:

  • Analysis of the installed modules
  • Analysis of business processes designed in modules
  • External systems and inter-module integrations

QA Audit Report Outputs

It covers the suggestions of all the analysis and resulting reports, for a more efficient SAP infrastructure:

  • SAP current due diligence and planned new applications
  • Suggestions for improvement and development

Why should you use the Check-Up solution?

With Çözümevi Check-Up, you can be sure that your company provides the highest efficiency from the SAP infrastructure and compare your real business processes with standard business processes designed in SAP. If you want to improve your system by keeping track of how well your SAP systems meet your needs with up-to-date analysis, you can contact us for detailed information.