Çözümevi Dealer Portal

Communicate uninterruptedly with your suppliers by the Dealer Portal solution

Facilitate the workflows and strengthen your communication with your dealers, who are  important stakeholders of your organization. With Çözümevi’s Dealer Portal solution, you can shorten your processes such as order status and tracking, thus avoiding unnecessary labor costs and preventing possible mistakes. You can receive all your orders, assign authorization to your representative and get a time and place independent solution by integrating directly with SAP.

  • Accelerate your operations.
  • Track your data flow instantly.
  • Work more efficiently with your suppliers.
  • Strengthen your trading network.

Empower your dealers with the Dealer Portal solution

Higher customer satisfaction requires higher dealer satisfaction. You can build a strong trade network by providing marketing support, pricing, imaging and extra technical solutions to help your dealers meet their customer needs. Thus, you can both increase your turnover and prevent additional costs. You can view the tracking of all these processes on the portal and you can also list them in excel format with a single click.

Direct integration with SAP

The Dealer Portal solution works integrated with SAP, allowing you to check your customers’ master data, your dealer payment terms, the characteristic values ​​of your products and many more. Thus, you can maximize the benefit received by establishing customized structures for your dealers. You can perform your orders issue via SAP and track your order processes with the Dealer Portal.

  • Define payment terms specific to the dealer.
  • Easily organise product characteristics.
  • Manage your created orders.
  • Track the shipping processes.

Manage all your processes from a single platform

  • Both English and Turkish login.
  • Enable your dealers to monitor their orders and current status in bilingual.
  • Customize your authorizations.
  • Define special authorizations for your dealers.
  • Facilitate order tracking.
  • Enable your dealers keep track of all their orders.
  • Track your movements.
  • Enable your dealers to list account activities
  • Define custom price
  • Create a specific price list for your dealers.
  • Calculate your shipping costs.
  • Make a specific cargo listing for your dealers.
  • Check the order quantity.
  • Determine the lowest and highest order quantity that can be placed.
  • Keep your products up to date.
  • Easily update the characteristics of your products.