Reduce risks & costs by empowering your legal teams with access to electronic stored information (ESI) using OpenText eDiscovery software solutions.

Corporate and government legal departments are increasingly under pressure to reduce their operational budget. At the same time, many legal departments are facing rising litigation activity, forcing organizations to look for ways to do more with less. eDiscovery or eDisclosure has emerged as an area where many organizations are examining their processes and IT systems to reduce costs and make budgeting more predictable.

Litigation readiness reduces risks associated with the volume, organization, and legal hold of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), and can prevent significant, unexpected costs. Because eDiscovery costs are highly correlated with the volume of ESI that must be examined, the greatest impact litigation readiness can have is in curbing the uncontrolled growth of content. Additionally, litigation readiness policies and systems ensure organizations can balance the need for disposition with the requirement and risks associated with the legal hold of ESI once litigation is expected.

A litigation readiness solution can be achieved through a comprehensive records, retention, disposition, and legal hold management strategy, built using keyenterprise content management components that address content lifecycle management (including content held in Microsoft SharePoint environments),records management, and email management.

Empower Electronic Discovery Teams with Litigation Software Solutions

More organizations are creating cross-functional eDiscovery teams to in-source and automate activities previously sourced to Outside Counsel or third-party vendors. By developing sound, repeatable processes and working with Litigation Support applications, organizations are lowering the risks and costs associated with eDiscovery. Key areas where savings can be found are the defensible collection, preservation, culling and processing of ESI prior to it being sent for review. Each step reduces the content that must be reviewed and, where possible, some organizations host and perform review. Litigation Support software enables enterprises to quickly and accurately explore data before collection and preservation, delivering a unique and powerful method for assessment of key custodians, keywords, potential costs, and the merits of a proceeding far earlier than what has previously been possible.

OpenText eDiscovery Software Solutions

Manage Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and handle eDiscovery processes in house, in a more predictable and cost-effective manner.