Save money and reduce risks with unified access to internal and external information

Search is a critical enabler for many vital activities within the enterprise. Search plays a role in compliance, eDiscovery investigations and requests, and the ongoing governance of the huge volume of information found in many organizations. To be effective, search technology must provide speedy, secure access to content from across your organization, both inside and outside the firewall–providing accurate and timely results for both knowledge workers and customers.

OpenText Search is built on the foundation of a robust, scalable, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. It provides unified access to multiple internal and external information sources from a single interface, which enables users to easily locate and access content, regardless of file type, format, or location. One of the main benefits OpenText Search offers is the relevancy of results that are consistently delivered to improve your organization’s competitive advantage and provide a satisfying end user experience. This ability to leverage valuable content expedites critical decision-making, improves user engagement, and reduces the cost of wasted or duplicated efforts.

Search is a foundational technology upon which OpenText has built much of its success and it will continue to be essential to a comprehensive Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy. OpenText will continue to invest and excel in Search and the applications and process it enables. As part of an ECMoffering, Search can be combined with records management and archiving to minimize organizational risk and cost and maximize business insight and efficiency. As part of OpenText Discovery solutions, Search helps organizations organize and visualize relevant enterprise information and enables users to quickly find answers to questions and optimize the business impact of their decisions.