Document Management

As you move towards your business targets, the variety and scale of enterprise business applications you use will also expand. During this growth, particularly migrating the documents from your old systems to next-generation applications and archiving them by a central system that runs throughout the business processes is a task that is difficult to perform manually and takes a long time. OpenText Document Access (ADA) application that you can integrate into your processes with the consultancy of Çözümevi gives you access to all documents from a single point throughout the SAP processes and applications.

OpenText Document Management solution stores SAP documents in addition to documents obtained from hosting systems, legacy software, or applications specific to the customer and it manages these documents throughout applications and modules such as SAP ERP or SAP CRM. The solution also provides transparency in all business processes. Since the documents are managed more efficiently, office users acquire a document-centered visibility on business processes.

OpenText ADA, which provides opportunities such as collective document scanning and local scanning for special files in addition to displaying the archived data in folder view, also presents capabilities such as keeping the e-mail content in the same central archive if desired.

  • Transparency in processes thanks to single point access to SAP data and documents
  • Instant increase in efficiency with user-friendly interface
  • Less paper consumption
  • Decreased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a result of data archiving and deactivating the legacy systems