e-Commerce Applications

Establishing meaningful and long-term relationships with your customers is a process that starts long before the sale of the first product. Commerce, marketing, invoicing, sales, and service solutions in SAP Hybris portfolio ensure valuable interaction with your customers, no matter which industry you operate in.

Ensuring that the customer experience through all devices is consistent and continuous on different channels, e-Commerce Applications also make this experience customized and unique.

Seize the moment with SAP Hybris that helps you turn real-time customer and industry data into benefit and make a difference in competition by making your customers feel this.

This technology, which provides and processes huge data at amazing speeds as a result of the superior performance of in-memory architecture, provides you with the tools that later on turn this data into meaningful information. This way, the expectations of your customers are always crystal clear to you and it becomes easier to elevate your communication with your customers to a whole new level by meeting these expectations and even surprising your customers.

Developed to comply with your existing IT infrastructure, SAP Hybris software makes it easy to share data and business processes between departments. As the technical load of the IT department decreases, there is time for innovation. The modular architecture of the software allows you to load different SAP Hybris components depending on the need and allows you to complete digital transformation at the speed most suitable for you.

  • It provides omni-channel, consistent, continuous, and flexible customer interaction
  • With the power of in-memory technology, it processes data real-time and turns it into useful information
  • It allows you to monitor the expectations of the customers every moment and everywhere in the most current wat
  • It guarantees long-term customer loyalty with customized, unique and impressive sales experience