Taxpayers are legally required to submit a declaration to the tax office, but there are quicker and easier ways to do it! With Çözümevi’s e-Declaration solution, you can prepare all your declarations in a single declaration and submit them electronically to the tax office in accordance with the relevant tax procedural laws. Once your declaration is accepted and approved, you can receive an accrual slip by email.

Save money with the e-Declaration solution.

The e-Declaration application, which was first implemented by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance in 2004, became mandatory on March 3, 2005 in order to reduce the burden of tax offices. As of this date, these declarations are transferred to the system electronically. Declarations, which take a lot of time when prepared manually and are increasing in number, can now be created with a single click using SAP data. They can be packaged in the format requested by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Chair of Revenues (CoR) and sent to the internet tax office.

You can also enjoy a user-friendly declaration issuance program by choosing the e-Declaration solution, which works integrated with SAP systems of Çözümevi. You can save not only time, but also your costs with an environmentally friendly solution.

Advantages Obtained with e-Declaration

  • It eliminates the need for taxpayers or their legal representatives to physically go to the tax office.
  • It saves public resources by reducing the workload in tax offices.
  • It offers user-friendly reporting screens suitable for various declaration types.
  • It ensures that transactions are carried out with the least error and in the fastest way.
  • It eliminates the control process and saves time.
  • While the storage cost is eliminated, retroactive declarations can be accessed instantly.
  • It provides an environmentally friendly solution by saving paper.
  • Before sending it to the Chair of Revenues, it provides the opportunity to choose different types of declaration and pack it.

What is SAP e-Declaration?

  • It has the infrastructure determined by the Chair of Revenues.
  • It provides VAT 1, VAT, stamp duty and brief declaration infrastructure.
  • It is evaluated on a project basis for corporate tax declaration and provisional tax return.
  • It eliminates the need to issue a printed declaration and carries the entire process to the SAP system.
  • It provides reporting with automatic records in SAP.
  • After the controls, it provides preview for the document to be declared.

Click to follow the current announcements about e-Declaration on the website of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Chair of Revenues. If you want to learn how to prepare an e-Declaration, you can get more information from here.