Performing BA/BS reconcilation is legally mandatory but it is not mandatory to waste labor, time and workforce on it. With Çözümevi e-Reconcilation suite, you can perform your e-reconcilation transactions quickly, easily and in the most correct way.

With Çözümevi e-Reconcilation suite you can perform your reconcilation correspondences directly via SAP ERP, without an additional platform. As your periodically-performed reconcilation correspondences are managed automatically by the system, you can complete your transactions fully and in a timely manner.

Automatic calculation of current balance, collective forwarding of BA/BS information on customer/supplier basis, collective display of incoming approval and rejection assessment results, and monitoring all these transactions on a single screen will make your life easier than ever.

Let us make sure that your e-reconcilation transactions are error-free, fast, easy, and always on time.

Reasons to Employ Çözümevi e-Reconcilation
  • Fast Reconcilation Communication
  • Labor Saving with Automation
  • Easy Additional Document Management
  • Full Reconcilation History Monitoring
What can you do with e-Reconcilation?
  • Instantly monitor all incoming and outgoing reconcilation correspondences.
  • Store all attached documents in all reconcilation correspondences.
  • Check reconcilation correspondence of the past.
  • View current balances and BA/BS information and monitor reconcilation status.
  • Perform reconcilation correspondence automatically via e-mail.
  • Monitor non-reconcilation with information such as current amount on the non-reconciled customer/current balance, number of documents, description, and additional documents.
  • Ensure that the reconcilation correspondences are initiated by the system with periodic tasks.
  • Send collective notification mails to the identified customers/suppliers.
  • Exclude customers/suppliers below a certain sales amount.
  • Ensure that the sent reconcilation correspondences can also be seen on mobile devices.
  • Add all incoming additional documents to the SAP agreement history with digital archiving.
  • Apply the prospective updates in the system.
Benefits of e-Reconcilation
  • Save labor and time thanks to reconcilation automation.
  • Perform full transactions as a result of reconcilation correspondences initiated automatically and periodically.
  • Gain speed as correspondences are made via e-mail.
  • Make things easier by monitoring all reconcilation transactions from a single screen.
  • Easily access additional documents in reconcilation correspondences.
  • Save time since you don’t have to monitor reconcilation status.
  • Get solutions easily and quickly when you need help as a result of the dedicated development team.
  • Achieve full compliance with SAP standards as a result of open source code development with ABAP.
  • Do not make additional license, hardware, and installation expenses.