E-waybill & E-archive Solutions

The e-waybill application, which covers the processes of sending to the buyer through the application of the Chair of Revenues (COR) and conveying the buyer’s response indicating the acceptance or rejection of the goods to the seller through the same central application, works in a closed-loop system between the buyer and the seller. The cost advantages offered by Çözümevi in the management of e-waybill processes also make this new generation solution more attractive.

Çözümevi is active in all e-waybill management processes

The integration between the private integrator and SAP for the commissioning of e-waybill processes is carried out by Çözümevi.

Issues such as web services and data mapping processes required to send the waybill outputs adapted/developed on SAP ERP to the private integrator, management of the status monitoring on the SAP screen and ensuring integration with the private integrator are quickly put into use by Çözümevi. In this framework, there is no requirement for changes in existing SAP modules.

With the expertise of Çözümevi, companies can manage the e-waybill process from a single source. The e-waybill data is stored in digital environment for 10 years, thus, in addition to fast access to the data, the creation of a data archive and related expenses are eliminated.

E-archive invoice management with Çözümevi experience

Another new generation electronic service of Çözümevi, “e-archive invoice” is put into use in accordance with the communique and regulations published by COR. e-archive invoices can be sent as e-mail and/or printed on paper in manuscript invoice format. In this context, invoices issued by SAP are automatically divided into e-invoice/e-archive and forwarded to the relevant department.

e-archive invoices are added to the currently used SAP e-invoice cockpit screen and the functions of viewing, monitoring the status of the invoice and sending them to the private integrator are performed from there. In this process, Çözümevi transmits the invoice data to the private integrator and informs the buyer via e-mail. According to the customer’s request, the printout of the e-archive invoice in manuscript paper form is also provided by Çözümevi.

Experience the industry’s fastest and most cost-effective e-waybill and e-archive applications with the difference of Çözümevi.