ERP Applications

A successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system gives you the key to corporate success by ensuring better and faster services to your customers. When a customer contacts the sales team to request a product, easy query of the product in the inventory, product planning and supplier levels is critical in terms of the sales and business growth in the long term. When critical business units such as sales, finance, and HR have the tools to monitor business data centrally, the company’s organizational structure can be sustained in a healthy and successful manner.

With enterprise applications and modules that eliminate management and coordination complexity that may emerge as your company grows, SAP ERP becomes the indisputable leader of the ERP market in tens of industries.

Helping more than 50 thousand companies worldwide to achieve growth targets, SAP ERP portfolio constitutes the basic component of corporate success when implemented through integration projects realized by the experience and expertise of Çözümevi.

Financial Applications
With financial applications that run in integration with SAP ERP, complex financial structures within the company become simpler and more manageable. Thanks to SAP applications, the efficiency of finance processes increase and thanks to the reports generated, the decision mechanisms within the company can take much better steps forward. In addition to the installation and development of financial applications in line with legal requirements, Çözümevi also adds value to your company by meeting all management needs, automating daily processes, and performing all of these in a secure financial registry system.

Expert consultancy teams at Çözümevi are add value to your company with the experience of numerous successful projects in financial accounting, cost accounting and control, investment management, financial supply chain management, and IFRS applications!

Procurement, Stock and Quality Management
No matter what the products or services you provide to your customers are, in order for the processes to run smoothly, there must be perfect harmony between the sales and the stock. For an effective ERP infrastructure throughout the enterprise, procurement management, warehouse and stock management, quality control, EXIM importation application, and subcontractor progress payment applications in undertakings are indispensable.

Using versions localized in accordance with the laws and regulations in Turkey, Çözümevi consultancy ensures that you do not miss any opportunities for sales.

Production Planning and Project Systems
The journey of a successful sale that will make growth targets a reality starts at the production planning stage. Çözümevi implements production planning and control, maintenance-repair, and project systems within the scope of the supply chain. Supporting discrete manufacturing, process type production, and mass production, Production Planning (PP) module allows for sales and operation planning to be performed at various breakdowns with its comprehensive planning options. Production planning and project systems of Çözümevi integrates not only maintenance-repair and service management, but also special project monitoring and proposal preparation applications for undertakings.

Sales and Distribution
The main method for ensuring return on all investments is to increase revenues. And revenues are dependent on sales and marketing activities. Therefore, SAP Sales Distribution Module (SD) is of critical importance for ERP to provide growth-focused results. With this solution, improving order processes, offering more diverse options, conveniences to be provided during pricing, and monitoring of distribution steps becomes totally digital, central and easily manageable. Sales teams work in better coordination with supply and production planning, get information on stock status, and meet customer expectations in the best possible way.

Solutions customized for you

Are ready-made solutions not enough for you? Çözümevi’s application development team develops industry-leading applications in accordance with your expectations or needs and adapts them to provide the best efficiency in your processes. Thanks to the strongest software development tools such as ABAP, Web Dynpro ABAP, BSP, Workflow, Java, .Net, C# and HTML5, all applications become capable of meeting your specific requirements.