The SAP project realized at Folkart Yapı with Çözümevi’s solutions specific to the construction and real estate sector, has been completed in a time as short as 9 months.

In the project, with the difference analysis method taking Çözümevi’s Construction and Real Estate solution as a basis, the design process was shortened and the sector standards were adapted specifically for the Folkart project.

15 consultants worked on the project and FI (Financial Accounting), CO (Cost and Control), MM (Material Management – Procurement and Inventory), PS (Project System), CM (Cash Flow) modules were implemented.

Also, in the project, integration between Microsoft Dynamics and SAP for the purpose of ensuring CRM-FI (Financial Accounting) integration has been ensured. It has been ensured that agreements concerning the subcontractors from which services are provided, progress payments, advances, collaterals, deduction management, manufacturing progress and manufacturing delivery processes are monitored and the approval processes are moved to the digital environment with Paperwork Integration.