SAP ERP project, the final link in the chain of transformation at İETT, has been successfully completed. The most important contribution of the project for İETT has been accessing the right information quickly for agility in managing public transportation services of a city of 15 million as well as improving processes by taking tested and proven methods as reference.

Can you give us some information on your company and activities?

İETT General Directorate is an institution that works under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and manages public transportation services in Istanbul.

Our resources include 7000 personnel, 12 garages, 3200 buses and 18 million Istanbulkart urban transportation cards. With our services, approximately 1,3 billion urban trips are made annually.

Our purpose isn’t just to help our passengers travel from one point to another, but also to make public transportation culture more widespread, just like we see in developed countries.

With our social responsibility projects and pioneering transportation projects, we have become an exemplary institution both in Turkey and in the world. Our success has been proven with the awards we received in Turkey and from abroad. The most recent has been the “Transport Ticketing & Passenger Information Global” award ceremony in London, where the best transportation card and ticketing systems of the world compete. We won the Best Transportation Card award with “İETT card”. 

Can you briefly define your SAP project?

After the kick-off in September 2014, our SAP ERP project went live in only 16 months. The project had many difficulties since it was the first of its kind in the field of public-local administration and required a comprehensive change.

Of course, we need to emphasize another point as well: Although the project was launched in September 2014, we had already gone through many transformation processes as an institution until we came to this stage. Since 2009, we have been laying the preliminary foundations of the project, including updating of the mission and the vision, obtaining 12 quality certifications by an international company, reorganization, career management and talent management implementations that are again the firsts in the public sector, and applying 40 different techniques such as new procurement models that had received numerous awards in the world as well as the kaizen, innovation, EFQM Excellence Model, and management with processes.

While Human Resources Management, Finance Management, Budget Performance Management, Maintenance Management, and Material and Procurement modules were planned to be initiated in the beginning, Sales and Distribution module was also included within the scope in accordance with the needs.

In the project sponsored by Mümin Kahveci, our General Manager, 10 personnel from different units worked full-time. 

Why did you need this project?

Actually, as stated before, ERP was the final link of the change and transformation chain for us. It was probably the only solution that would bring the 5-year process to the last level of detail and to the point of no return.

Of course, in addition to this, when managing public transportation services of a city of 15 million people, being able to access the right information in a quick manner for agile management and being able to improve our processes with methods that have been tried and tested numerous times were important points for us. 

What are the benefits of the project for your institution?

Reviewing our processes within the framework of constant improvement and making the processes more efficient were among the most important tangible outcomes of the project.

In addition, entering the data at a single point and accessing the right information quickly will make great contributions in terms of decision support both at the operational and management level. 

What was your solution partner in the SAP project? How did you make this choice?

Actually İETT General Directorate does not have the chance to select a technology or solution partner without a tender. We performed works with numerous candidates before the project. Our expectation here was to have a solution partner that would not compromise from the quality of the project and would be able to perform know-how transfer.

After the tender, we signed an agreement with Çözümevi, who had made the best offer. Throughout the project, we acted as a single body, working for the same goal. 

What kind of applications and innovations do you plan for the future?

First of all, we will continue our benchmarking works both within and outside the industry for new applications and methods. In addition, we will start to use certain technologies in our technology portfolio, such as Project Management Module and BusinessObjects, more actively. 

What do you recommend to companies that wish to use similar solutions?

Be proactive, be reactive, be innovative, and definitely be positive. Never resist change, follow the trends and constantly perform benchmarking.

Solutions Used
  • SAP ERP Modules
  • Human Resources Management
  • Finance Management
  • Budget Performance Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Material and Procurement Management
  • Sales and Distribution