“Our Invoice processing operations went from 100 percent paper-based to 100 percent non-paper-based and we were able to reduce our total staff from thirteen FTEs to only five. We’ve decreased invoice processing costs by over 50 percent, driven mainly by headcount reduction, but also due to instituting a more automated process that reduces errors”

Farrah Goldberg, General Accounting Manager, Bumble Bee Foods

Within the enterprise critical information exists in many formats that ultimately need to be captured and transformed to be well understood, governed and leveraged to maximize value. While information is contained both within and external to the OpenText ECM system, OpenText Capture solutions help bridge the gap between the structured and the unstructured world and help harness what was previously untapped value. Maximizing efficiency and cost savings by capturing all enterprise content and managing it consistently within your information governance program is the ultimate goal.

Paper processing continues to be an issue faced within many organizations, both in the form of legacy paper content and as the byproduct of ongoing business operations. OpenText ECM provides the ability to capture and image paper content while applying metadata and applicable policies and schedules. By transforming the information contained in these documents, it can then be used effectively to automate or streamline business processes while being governed consistently alongside digital content. Deeper understanding through OCR is available during the paper to digital transformation to drive maximal accuracy, efficiency and cost savings.

As organizations look to bring their information under governance, they need to ensure a strong user experience, effectively unchanged by where the content is managed. Regardless of its format of origin, be it paper, email, image, fax, EDI, or some other digital or analog form, and whether that information is coming from a desktop, ERP, a productivity application or a line of business system, with OpenText Capture solutions embedded within OpenText ECM, you can be assured your information is being governed effectively.

Establish consistent, auditable and defensible Information Governance across your business

Enterprise information is growing at an exponential rate, where business applications are moving from the desktop to a variety of mobile devices and where information itself resides anywhere – on premise or in the cloud. The firewall is no longer the “boundary” of the business, making it harder than ever to enforce information management policies and ensure compliance.

Companies everywhere are realizing the value that an Information Governance initiative can have for their business—in more ways than one. With the amount of information growing at an exponential rate, new regulations and policies are constantly coming into effect, and this has increased both the need for, and value of, Enterprise Information Management.

Best practices and solutions that help meet compliance and risk mitigation mandates imposed by law, regulators, or internal quality standards are complemented by a keen focus on developing ways to capitalize on the kinds of productivity and efficiency gains that grow out of an asset-management approach to corporate information. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions can help companies deliver a governance program to deal with corporate information, the consumers and creators of that information, in the context of real business processes.

Successful Information Governance programs demand that companies balance the needs and priorities to mitigate legal and business risk, take advantage of information to drive business value, and minimize the costs of managing information.

OpenText Imaging

A complete solution for capturing and displaying the complete range of business documents…

  • Digitizes paper documents and eliminates the costs of storing paper
  • Increase productivity by making all documents easily accessible
  • Support business critical business processes
  • Capture all documents in a secure long term archive

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OpenText Capture Center

Automatically captures and interprets paper documents, scanned images, email, and faxes using sophisticated document and character recognition software.

  • Advanced document and character recognition
  • Reduced manual keying and paper handling
  • Reduced compliance risk

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OpenText Tempo Box

OpenText Tempo™ Box allows users to easily sync, share, and store information in the cloud or on premises across all devices, without sacrificing security or governance mandates.


  • Store, sync, and share information securely and easily
  • Perfect for today’s “bring your own device” world – users get a familiar experience across virtually any device
  • “Made for business” file-sharing capabilities without the security and compliance risk

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OpenText Enterprise Connect

A revolutionary user interface paradigm designed to empower information workers to access and interact with all their business content, office productivity applications, and processes directly from familiar desktop environments.

  • Easily interact with content from multiple repositories and applications
  • Simplifies user experience through familiarity of end user environment
  • Accelerates delivery of content enabled applications

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Email Solutions

Securely store and govern email, ensure compliance with internal policies and industry regulations, while providing end users with seamless access to corporate data.

  • Eliminate transitory email in a defensible and consistent manner
  • Identify, retain and safeguard email from deletion
  • Provide users with an optimal email experience

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OpenText File System Archiving

Automate the capture of shared file systems into a single repository to ensure content integrity, avoid redundancy, reduce storage costs, and enable records management.

  • Reduce data redundancy and IT footprint.
  • Centrally store data within a manage repository.
  • Provide seamless access for end users.

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OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint

More effectively manage SharePoint sites to enforce broader compliance and archiving policies, open access to all enterprise content, and lower ongoing administration and storage costs.

  • Accelerate and govern the rollout of SharePoint Sites.
  • Consistent compliance and archiving policies across all enterprise content.
  • Improve user productivity by providing access to content from numerous enterprise. sources directly through SharePoint in the context of business applications and processes.

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OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Mangement for SAP® Solutions

Enterprise Content Management in the context of your SAP® environment

  • Gains in productivity and collaboration for information worker with centralized workspaces
  • Mitigate legal and regulatory risks by maintaining content integrity
  • Minimize IT complexity and repository growth with rationalized content management

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