Content Management

Collect & manage the lifecycle of your digital content with OpenText Content Management software solutions.

“We need to comply, have full transparency, and look after our customers. Content Suite enables us to not only meet our regulatory needs but also to be operationally efficient. We see that we can achieve both by using the technology.”

Dr. Mark Cotterell, Information Architect, Cochlear

Content Management Overview

OpenText Content Management products enable more effective capture of all types of information-both structured and unstructured-and deliver it in context across any application, platform, or process. With secure access to information from any device or location, you can ensure that your people have the information they need, when and how they need it, to do their jobs and work more effectively. These offerings reduce the time spent looking for business-critical information and significantly improve productivity whilst also providing a richer user experience.

Leverage the intellectual property that’s valuable to your organization and apply it more strategically to maximize the value of information throughout its lifecycle. Improve decision making, effectiveness, and business impact, while guaranteeing that enterprise information is secure and compliant with internal policies and external regulations.

OpenText Content Server is the foundational repository and information governance backbone for a broad range of OpenText ECM products, including Content Suite Platform, Application Governance and Archiving for SharePoint, Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, Email Management, and more. OpenText Content Server provides the core set of tools you need to capture, process and manage unstructured content across your organization including document management, workflow, search and information retrieval services, all tightly integrated into a platform that is easily customized and extended.

Business Needs

Establish consistent, auditable and defensible Information Governance across your business

Enterprise information is growing at an exponential rate, where business applications are moving from the desktop to a variety of mobile devices and where information itself resides anywhere – on premise or in the cloud. The firewall is no longer the “boundary” of the business, making it harder than ever to enforce information management policies and ensure compliance.

Companies everywhere are realizing the value that an Information Governance initiative can have for their business—in more ways than one. With the amount of information growing at an exponential rate, new regulations and policies are constantly coming into effect, and this has increased both the need for, and value of, Enterprise Information Management.

Best practices and solutions that help meet compliance and risk mitigation mandates imposed by law, regulators, or internal quality standards are complemented by a keen focus on developing ways to capitalize on the kinds of productivity and efficiency gains that grow out of an asset-management approach to corporate information. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions can help companies deliver a governance program to deal with corporate information, the consumers and creators of that information, in the context of real business processes.

Successful Information Governance programs demand that companies balance the needs and priorities to mitigate legal and business risk, take advantage of information to drive business value, and minimize the costs of managing information.

Content Management Products

A powerful, fully integrated document management system that delivers the essential capabilities for managing business-critical documents.

  • Increase the value of your information assets by capturing all enterprise content
  • Enhance corporate competencies through faster and easier information retrieval
  • Ensure the integrity of your content by authorized access to the most current and relevant information
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing to improve corporate agility
  • Improving productivity by controlling, automating and auditing document centric business processes

A fully featured, highly scalable, Web-based imaging, document management, workflow, search, records management, and archiving system with a secure, single platform for organizing and sharing electronic and physical content across the enterprise.

  • Integrate content into business processes
  • Deliver and share content in its full business context
  • Maximize the value of content while minimizing the risks and costs associated to the content
  • Enhance content security and integrity
  • Provide a cohesive platform for a holistic information governance program

Reduce costs and increase agility through the deployment options of your ECM implementation in the cloud.

  • Maximum deployment flexibility
  • Accelerate time to upgrade and deployment
  • Provide scalability without fixed infrastructure costs