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Reduce costs and mitigate the risks of non-compliance and litigation concerning email content. Poorly managed email represents significant corporate risk and potential liability. Organizations must secure and retain email records or face fines for the illegal destruction of email and sanctions related to non-compliance. Substantial costs and risks correlate directly to the volume of content retained. The issue, however, is no longer about curbing the cost of storing email, but is in minimizing the risk associated with keeping it.

OpenText Email Solutions ensure effective measures to securely store, manage, and retrieve your organization’s email content. Using email management solutions, your organization can quickly and transparently reduce costs by offloading large amounts of email from your mail server for storage in a single repository that is more suitable for long-term retention. Critical business information can be retrieved quickly, helping to improve efficiency. Compliance is more easily achieved with the ability to assess, identify, manage, and destroy business content in accordance with external regulations and internal policies.

Establish consistent, auditable and defensible Information Governance across your business

Enterprise information is growing at an exponential rate, where business applications are moving from the desktop to a variety of mobile devices and where information itself resides anywhere – on premise or in the cloud. The firewall is no longer the “boundary” of the business, making it harder than ever to enforce information management policies and ensure compliance.

Companies everywhere are realizing the value that an Information Governance initiative can have for their business—in more ways than one. With the amount of information growing at an exponential rate, new regulations and policies are constantly coming into effect, and this has increased both the need for, and value of, Enterprise Information Management.

Best practices and solutions that help meet compliance and risk mitigation mandates imposed by law, regulators, or internal quality standards are complemented by a keen focus on developing ways to capitalize on the kinds of productivity and efficiency gains that grow out of an asset-management approach to corporate information. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions can help companies deliver a governance program to deal with corporate information, the consumers and creators of that information, in the context of real business processes.

Successful Information Governance programs demand that companies balance the needs and priorities to mitigate legal and business risk, take advantage of information to drive business value, and minimize the costs of managing information.

Email Solutions

OpenText Archive for Google Apps

Unmanaged or poorly managed data at today’s volumes is unsustainable – moving to the cloud may help, but without proper governance corporate risks will persist.

  • Drive secure retention, disposition and capture 100% of GoogleMail data.
  • Centrally archive native and imported content ensuring compliance and records classifications across GoogleDocs.
  • Built on Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) ensuring your archive is future ready and expandable.
  • Manage GoogleMail along with other Enterprise information (e.g. files, SharePoint, structured data from ERP suites, instance messaging, web and social content).


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OpenText Email Management for Exchange

Curb the rampant growth, cost, and risk of mismanaged corporate email

  • Apply lifecycle controls, retention and records management classifications and permissions for Office365 email
  • Curb costs throughout the e-discovery process and reduce IT cost and complexity
  • Mitigate legal risk associated with mismanaged email and support good governance practices and compliance regulations
  • Improve user experience and productivity, helping users find important email more quickly and reliably
  • Provide flexibility with an environment that can scale to accommodate not just email but all electronically stored information

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OpenText Email Management for Notes

Address storage and archiving requirements while extracting the maximum value from business-critical email content

  • Extract the maximum value from email content and accelerate user adoption
  • Ensure the longevity, security, and evidential weight of email content
  • Reduce costs by optimizing email server performance, reduce support overhead and scale with the growing enterprise


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OpenText Email Archiving for Exchange

Optimize Exchange performance, while allowing users to work as they always have, retrieving archived messages from Microsoft Outlook with full fidelity in a single click

  • Optimize email server performance and reduced support overhead.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory obligations.
  • Support for user initiative or automated, rules based archiving.


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OpenText Email Archiving for Notes

Optimize Domino performance, while allowing users to work as they always have, retrieving archived messages from Lotus Notes with full fidelity in a single click

  • Optimize email server performance and reduced support overhead
  • Comply with legal and regulatory obligations
  • Support for user initiative or automated, rules based archiving


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OpenText Email Monitoring for Exchange

Capture, manage the lifecycle, and streamline discovery processes for all regulated email communications within your organization

  • Compliance-centric archiving support for Office 365
  • 100% capture of routable information, transparent to end users
  • Support legal and litigation preparedness and address compliance requirements worldwide, including SEC 17a-4 and NASD 3010
  • Extend and expand into a complete information governance solution


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