Municipalities and Smart Cities Solution

Implementing business transformation of local administrations, Çözümevi creates the infrastructure map of the modern municipalities. SAP’s related solutions that set the standards for the industry are significantly different from the business processes of municipalities, subsidiaries and other institutions that operate under the Local Administrations Law in Turkey. Local regulations and needs require an intensive localization prior to digital transformation. Moreover, it is of critical importance that numerous processes running with a fragmented and irregular structure inside the municipality are controlled end-to-end with a central management.

Çözümevi provides the perfect answer to transformation requirements of local administrations with its local solution based upon SAP ERP, BPC and PO applications.

As a s result of such technical transformation, financing, accounting, budget, purchasing, tender, maintenance, and subcontractor management processes are combined on a central system and integration is ensured throughout the institution. The payroll solution localized by Çözümevi on the basis of SAP Payroll module is offered with a ready-to-use HR infrastructure that all municipalities and other local administrations can use.

Ensuring that tender processes with different processes and a rich variety compared to the private sector, Çözümevi Local Administration Solutions portfolio provides full integration by also including budget control into the system. Thus, Çözümevi not only creates solutions suitable for the structure of the municipality, but also makes standardization possible in processes by collecting the distributed structures in a central system.

The solution portfolio continues to be shaped according to the requirements of local administrations and is designed with a structure that is open to new modules. It also makes automation possible in numerous processes within the framework of transformation to a central workflow model managed from a single source. This way, most workflows are associated with automatic approvals, primarily including the processes for subcontractors, and efficiency is increased significantly.

With Çözümevi, local administrations:

  • Migrate from a distributed structure to a central process infrastructure
  • Use SAP’s proven and universal workflows
  • Benefit from a system that is compliant with local regulations and requirements