Mobile Signature Application

Office dependency disappears with Çözümevi Mobile Signature Application

The management of documents such as documents that need to be signed, payment instructions, official correspondence, purchasing files, tender documents and related actions are no longer a necessity to be in the office.

Çözümevi Mobile Signature Application enables many tasks that seem obligatory to be done from the office to be carried out from any location we are in. With this application, in addition to creating the documents that need to be signed online, you can easily edit them, send them for approval and get approval quickly with an electronic or mobile signature.

With Çözümevi Mobile Signature Application, which presents your signed documents in an auditable structure, you can archive and manage these documents in encrypted form with secure document management rules and you can access them easily whenever you want. With its “Paperless Office” approach, Çözümevi Mobile Signature Application also makes an important contribution to an environmentally friendly and sustainable business life.

Secure, Auditable, Reportable

It is possible to detail the technical features within the scope of Çözümevi Mobile Signature Application as follows;

  • Ability to work independently from the office with web-based responsive access
  • Online document creation and editing
  • inclusion of the requested document in the manual approval and signature process
  • Routing to automatic approval steps with approval process maintenance or SAP HR Integration
  • Automatic mail notification and opening the confirmation screen via mail
  • Ability to perform fast transactions with the block signature option
  • Signing options for documents with or without attachments
  • Automatically converting documents with or without attachments to be signed into PDF format
  • Official validity of the document with electronic or mobile signature
  • Automatic sending of the signed document via KEP
  • Web infrastructure where the counterparty can query your signed document with a single code automatically printed on the same document
  • Examining the instant status and efficiency of signature processes with reporting
  • Traceability with document event history
  • Ability to view documents in all versions differently by versioning
  • Ensuring maximum security by keeping the archived document encrypted
  • Preventing unauthorized access to documents by authorization

With the Çözümevi Mobile Signature Application, you can switch to a PAPERLESS OFFICE in your institution, eliminating the need to be in the office in a more secure, auditable and reportable structure. You can use all these features in a natural and integrated structure with the existing SAP ERP system or any ERP system.

The main advantages of Çözümevi Mobile Signature

Do you need to sign documents created by the SAP ERP application? You can sign the document received from SAP ERP and send it digitally, via KEP or other platforms, by connecting to the Çözümevi Mobile Signature application from any environment.

You can eliminate physical signature processes by fully digitizing a payment order process that you advance with mobile approvals via SAP Fiori, with the “Çözümevi Mobile Signature” application. Thus, you both save time and completely get rid of the burden of physical processes.

Do you have processes that require signature in SAP HR? You can manage the documents that will be automatically added to these processes by signing with the Çözümevi Mobile Signature Application and archiving them in compliance with the KVKK. In addition, by adding an electronic/mobile signature infrastructure to your SAP PURCHASING processes, you can use the system more effectively and efficiently together with your institution and suppliers. Thus, the need for document versions control via e-mail will be eliminated. Moreover, you can sign your contracts with your system suppliers by an electronic or mobile signature.

Çözümevi Mobile Signature Application is centrally located for all your signed document production needs in SAP ERP products. With the fully digitized document management that is the result of this feature, the business processes of your institution will be accelerated, easily monitored and more accessible.

Corporate Benefits

  • Reducing personnel costs
  • Reduction in physical recording costs (paper, printer, archive, etc.)
  • Increasing speed and security in signature processes
  • Reducing office dependency with online connection from anywhere
  • Sequential signing functions with approval order
  • Tracking and speeding up work with automatic delay notifications
  • Legal validity provided by e-signature and mobile signature
  • Providing the signing infrastructure needed by the institution with a flexible design for the needs
  • Providing a common solution infrastructure for one or more companies with a central solution
  • Signing regardless of document format
  • Establishing a secure and auditable structure for Personal Data Protection Law and similar laws
  • Tracking the lifetime of documents and performing secure document archiving with automatic document management