OpenText Correspondence Management

Correspondence management, which takes place in a large part of your business processes, is an activity aimed at arranging all operations from filing, protecting and transferring to archives of official correspondence in enterprises.

The main purpose of correspondence management, which ensures that correspondence in institutions is taken under control and managed in a system integrity, to ensure the production of necessary documents, to store important documents securely on the system and to allow access to old documents.

In addition, it aims to enable focused collaboration across the organization by enabling users to access many arrangements in a fast and integrated manner at the same time as users need, with the right communication, via user-friendly screens.

Increase communication within your organization with OpenText Correspondence Management

Correspondence, which constitutes a large part of our business processes, can sometimes cause disruption of the workflow in enterprises. At this point, the processes for archiving, filing, generating, using and organizing of the correspondence should be under control.

In the digital transformation journey of institutions, it becomes very important to manage correspondence on a system that offers a fast and customizable structure by the institutions, as well as being compatible with mobile devices and offering multilingual support. The OpenText Correspondence Management solution we offer provides a new generation service to companies at this point.

OpenText Correspondence Management solution allows you to manage all your internal and external (incoming and outgoing) correspondences without any trouble by many integrated features such as versioning, auditing, authorization, MS Office integration, correspondence archive structure and electronic & mobile signature.

OpenText Correspondence Management features

  • Easy integration with SAP ERP and other systems
  • Customized interfaces
  • Editable template feature
  • Mobile use with responsive interfaces
  • Electronic and mobile signature support & signature verification feature in accordance with Law No. 5070
  • Access to incoming document information and documents from a single screen

Why should you use OpenText Correspondence Management?

The entire flow of your documents is tracked electronically and the approval of the document is carried out with a secure e-signature by Correspondence Management, which allows many accesses. Documents that complete the approval process are stored in the enterprise content management until their retention cycle expires.

With the authorization feature, you can create authorization groups and roles among people by assigning authorization to the folder or document you want to work with. With the MS Office Integration feature, you can access many MS Windows interfaces and get many conveniences, from folder integration to accessing the folder interface of correspondence on your system.

You can search within the correspondence, from the result screen by using the advanced search feature of Correspondence Management. You can display all your data on a single screen and provide data query integration from SAP ERP, Addressee (Vendor, Customer) master data with the help of customizable responsive interfaces for your enterprise. Moreover, by providing parametric definitions with multi-company support, you can integrate with SAP ERP master data correspondence processes (such as Project, Tender, etc.).

What other functions do OpenText Correspondence Management features offer?

  • It provides automatic archiving and authorization of all content and correspondence data in correspondence processes completed with Correspondence Archive Structure.
  • With the KEP Incoming Interface, PTT KEP services provide ready integration.
  • It enables the mailing process to be repeated and reported by recording through the Mailing Interface.
  • It enables the addressees to see the instant status of incoming and outgoing letters with the Document Verification Interface.
  • It provides daily incoming & outgoing document list, pending work list manager notification with the support of task mails.