OpenText Solutions

It is impossible to talk about digital transformation without perfecting data management. OpenText provides solutions to facilitate overcoming the data load that increases as the business grows. Businesses that use the data in hand in the most efficient way in all processes reach their growth targets faster. With OpenText, information security is always maximized while operational costs are cut.

Selected by industry leaders for archiving data and documents created throughout the SAP applications, OpenText offers a central platform for all kinds of documents created in different processes and departments of your business and thus ensures that the content required is accessed anytime, anywhere. Operating in integration with other software used commonly in the business world, OpenText solutions automates most tasks that used to be performed manually. This way, unique efficiency is ensured in resource management and human errors are eliminated.

Also digitalizing invoicing processes end-to-end, OpenText product family creates the necessary ground for the authorized person to give approval in the fastest manner possible in critical moments that directly impact the revenues with its easy-to-use mobile interface. Ensuring the use of the most current and accurate data in business processes by providing access to documents in all processes and applications from a central point, OpenText also transfers all paper-based documents to this central system digitally and ensures multi-layered savings.