We started the SAP HR (SAP Human Resources) project at Gemak, the leading institution of Turkey in ship manufacturing and ship maintenance/repairs. Within the scope of the project, the kickoff meeting of which was organized recently and is expected to be completed in 4 months, it will be ensured that the followings are carried out on the SAP System:

  • Employees’ personal information
  • Integration between the PDKS (Personnel Continuity Monitoring System) and the SAP HR module,
  • The personnel payrolls and all legal HR processes.

With this project, the HR processes will work in integration with processes such as financial accounting and cost on the SAP ERP system and it will particularly be ensured that the labor costs are reflected in the productions and the projects performed in a correct and quick manner.

Also, in addition to legal reports, numerous reports such as timekeeping and cost reports and turnover reports will be able to be obtained from the system online.