Kimpur (Kimteks Poliüretan), which has been performing production, sales and distribution of shoe, flexible foam, rigid and case main product groups with its “Polyurethane System House” investment since 1999, decided to initiate a SAP ERP project in order to increase its efficiency and ensure its growth and preferred Çözümevi, which has 20 years of experience in the industry, as its solution partner.

It is aimed for the efficiency of the company’s activities to be increased as a result of live connections being established between the Kimpur units and the prevention of the errors and interruptions that emerge because of the human factor in the business processes with the SAP ERP project.

In the project that will be realized in a single phase, the transition process to ERP will be completed using Financial Accounting and Real Assets, Cost Accounting and Product Costing, Material Management, Sales and Distribution, Product Planning, Quality Management, Warehouse Management, Maintenance and Repair modules.

Integration being ensured between planning, sales distribution and financial affairs as a result of the project will facilitate the processing of the data created during the supply term. Production estimations being entered to the system, material requirements and customer orders being planned, and prospective procurement plans being created will be ensured with the Production Planning module. While the quality module is used for goods entry, return and final control, Sales Shipment application will facilitate advanced pricing, processing of the orders rapidly and timely delivery controls and will efficiently support the sales and distribution activities with its structure that can directly connect to production/planning.

Activities of the modules

With the Maintenance Repair module, the monitoring of the equipment is performed and the monitoring of the failure reporting, planned maintenances as well as the monitoring of the failure maintenances will be kept under control. Financial Accounting and Real Assets module will work in integration with the other modules of SAP and will ensure the keeping, monitoring and reporting of all records in the business as a comprehensive financial accounting system that covers many aspects from general accounting to the accounting of customers and sales and real assets.

The project realized with the consultancy of Çözümevi with its expert personnel and customer satisfaction centered approach will be completed with the reports being obtained from the system at the end of the first financial period.