Solution Pharma (Pharmaceutical Industry)

Containing many different processes that operate interconnected with each other, the pharmaceutical industry is at the top of the list of the industries where companies need central management and integration. Without end-to-end solutions such as SAP ERP, it is not possible to track the fast-operating and detailed processes manually by using Excel tables. By adapting industry-leading SAP applications and unique solutions to the business and legal requirements of pharmaceutical companies in Turkey, Çözümevi created Solution Pharma – an end-to-end ERP solution containing all processes that a company requires in Turkey.

Proven in countless projects, this solution enriches industry-leading SAP solutions with answers for local requirements and contains a robust active ingredient management. The solutions portfolio includes raw material weighing, which is of great importance for the pharmaceutical industry. It also facilitates drawing raw materials from the stocks and return processes when needed. Performing workplace management on the same central system, Solution Pharma integrates lot tracking and quality approval processes, ensures that the business targets remain on track thanks to the pharmaceutical profitability management structure.

Customizations by Çözümevi automate the controls required in the sales processes and automatically prevent the sale of pharmaceuticals with a price below the price of sale to governmental institutions. Integrated with warehouse management and maintenance processes, the solution also ensures that the raw material is weighed and created in accordance with the prescriptions.