Road to Analytics Cloud Solutions ile,

Enjoy Your Business!

For managing the future of your company;

  • High visuality
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud based
  • Fast reporting

capabilities will help you for taking actions with more reliable and quick decisions

Your financial results are more transparent and clear with indicator based structure

Company Overview

Managers can follow the financial status of company with P&L and investment based indicators as well as more understandable graphics.


With the help of revenue based KPIs it enables yearly based comparison of actuals and also the comparison of actual and budgeted figures.

It enables the analysis of actual and budgeted figures with EBIT and EBITDA indicators. Net Profit, Gross Profit and other fundamental Profit Loss items are also available for the users.

Data Integrations
All data is stored at cloud environment with this solution. Data entry and bulk data load options are both possible for users.

Solution supports the integration with S/4HANA Financialse by using CDS-View. It will be an additional service due to request.






Implementation & Test


Go Live

Cloud Contract Details: Minimum Term of Contract: 3 Years, Maximum Term of Contract: 5 Years, Payment Frequency: Yearly

SAP Analytics Cloud Public Version

10 * SAP Analytics Cloud BI Users
30€ Monthly

Software Licence
(Period: Yearly)


2 m/d maintenance of implemented stories after system upgrade
3€ Monthly

(Period: Yearly)

Implementation & Go Live

10 man/days implementation & go live, 1 model and max 2 stories
5200€ Once



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