Road to S/4HANA

It is an incontestable fact that the phenomenon that marks today’s business processes is technological and digital transformation. As for, the heart of digital applications for companies beats in an intelligent ERP (enterprise resource planning). SAP’s smart ERP application, SAP S/4HANA, in the digital age we live in, allows companies to overcome today’s challenges and seize the opportunities of the future. The width of the horizon that S/4HANA offers to companies can make it difficult for companies to take the first step. Should I migrate from existing SAP ECC to S/4HANA? How should I migrate to S/4HANA? Which method is best for me?

The hesitancy to take the first step to move to the next stage of digital evolution by initiating the migrate to SAP S/4HANA is eliminated with Road to S/4HANA. With their Road to S/4HANA solution, Çözümevi draws the roadmap that takes companies to that distant but possible horizon.

Overcome the potential challenges in digital transformation with Road to S/4HANA

As such in all paths to the goal, the migration process to SAP S/4HANA may also bring along some handicaps. Don’t let potential challenges intimidate you. You can easily overcome them all with a comprehensive planning strategy. In order not to get lost in the process and deviate from your initial goals, you should proceed on a designed roadmap and make sure that you have undergone an innovative transformation process.

By means of Road to S/4HANA, you can use digital transformation not only to solve past or current problems, but also to develop your future processes. The transformation project should be prepared by considering your specific needs, specific to your institution and its structure. Çözümevi, for this very reason, paves the way for defining your business processes and guiding operational foresights in the optimization and integration process of your SAP data. With the right approach, it is inevitable that you will gain added value. And on a reasonable budget…

Why digital transformation?

Digital transformation is inevitable in order to keep up with the technological trends in the industry with an innovative and effective perspective, to develop innovation strategies and not to fall behind your competitors in terms of technology and to have numerous advantages in the future.

We can list the areas where you will observe an increase in efficiency as a result of your digital transformation project as follows:

  • Easy accessibility
  • Evolution of your complex IT ecosystem into a practical structure
  • Improved user experience
  • Saving data storage space

So, what tools will you use to realise them?

The development and transformation in your business model is achieved through machine learning. By means of artificial intelligence, you get a noticeable performance increase. A more efficient and successful user experience is not a dream!

Digital transformation, but how?

There are different approaches for migration to S/4HANA. The most critical issue here is to choose the one that best suits your business. What factors are taken into account when making this choice? The current workload of your business, strategic development goals, economic conjuncture, systemic problems experienced in the past, etc. what? Considering all these criteria, it is necessary to choose one of the different S/4HANA migration approaches:

  • Brownfield, greenfield and bluefield approaches
  • Single step or phase migration
  • Project approach in compliance with the needs of business units
  • Collocation of product migrations


It is suitable for businesses that have applications close to system standards and the ability to manage their processes with their current structure.

If you don’t need to redesign your business processes, you can complete your transition to S/4HANA without any interruption, protecting your existing data completely. The Brownfield approach can be described as an upgrade rather than a full-fledged transformation.


It is suitable for businesses that want to be simplified while at the same time redesign their processes…

It allows you to redesign all your business processes from end-to-end. Not only you can make technological improvements, but also implement functional improvements.

As well as it can be applied to companies that are already SAP users, it also offers a suitable transformation model for those who will use SAP for the first time.


Suitable for businesses that not only want to preserve their historical data, but also aim to redesign their business processes…

It can be considered as an improvement of the Greenfield approach. It also includes the optional transfer of historical data to the new system. In addition, since it includes technical tools and complex data transfers, it can cause high costs in terms of time and resources compared to other methods.

Business Goals

With the ideal combination of new and old, our destination is SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Thanks to ERP, rapidly modernized with Road to S/4HANA, your business processes are renewed and optimized such a way that you can get the highest efficiency.

What does Road to S/4HANA cover?

Within the scope of Road to S/4HANA, we analyse your system architecture and business processes. Together with mobile application needs, frequently used transaction codes, external system integration and analysis of current developments are also included in the scope of the migration service. In addition, with the SAP Readiness Check service, the perspective required for the migration process is provided by making a technical examination of the existing system.

If you are undecided about which approach to realize your digital transformation, Road to S/4HANA will determine for you which approach is best for your business. Çözümevi is always with you to develop practical, fast and comprehensive digital transformation processes…