S/4HANA Applications

SAP HANA launched a transformational era in the business world. Running all data directly inside the memory and reaching an unprecedented speed, HANA creates a perfect infrastructure for the next Business Suite software with its high performance. Thus, a line of fast and simple solutions for next-generation requirements has been brought to life with S/4HANA.

Big data, internet of things and other trends that rapidly affect the business world make the management of a business more and more complex and difficult.

Yet, with its in-memory solutions that allow real-time data analytics, S/4HANA eliminates complex IT infrastructures with support from Çözümevi’s consultancy services. Companies that start to use S/4HANA applications perform a simplicity and performance-focused digital transformation process.

S/4HANA, led by the successful implementation of Çözümevi in Turkey, comes together with SAP Fiori, which has an important goal: Simplifying user experience. Business professionals are also social media, banking and e-commerce users. Therefore, there is a talent pool that is already familiar with widespread interfaces. Based upon such interfaces, Fiori turns corporate users into end users with intuitive interfaces that remind the interfaces of social media and other commonly used platforms. By simplifying user experience, next-generation applications are more easily adopted by employees. Thus, it is ensured that more users participate in the system, the efficiency is increased, and all business processes are run smoothly.

Thanks to SAP Fiori’s user-friendly displays, training costs for transition to the new systems are also significantly reduced. Offering perfect answers to mobile needs and providing comprehensible and fast experience in smart phones and tablets, SAP Fiori helps to access data at each level of the company, anywhere and anytime.

  • Efficiency is increased with faster and direct access to the required information and applications
  • With timely notifications, every element that you need comes to the forefront at your screen
  • User is guided on the next action to be taken
  • Users take quick and informed actions
  • User satisfaction is increased