SAP Analytics Cloud

Data is in its golden age. In fact, it is now accepted as a “production factor”, that is, as a raw material in China.  However, data and large volumes of data do not make sense individually. Data could be valuable for companies only if they are managed (data management) and they provide an insight. Data-based insights, which are the key to making the right decisions, contribute to the growth of your company and more importantly, to faster adaptation to changing conditions. You can easily regulate all your data to be significant with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), a cloud-based next generation analytics solution.

Include data in your decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud!

SAC, which supports you to make fast and accurate decisions by connecting your employees, data and ideas, provides all the analytics features you need, such as business intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, predictive analytics and enterprise planning on a single cloud platform.  It helps you discover deep insights, simplify access to critical information and strengthen the right decision-making mechanisms for everyone.

SAP Analytics Cloud, powered by SAP HANA Cloud technology, saves you time with its end-to-end data exploring, visualization, planning, forecasting and reporting functions. Data-supported corporate decisions increase the efficiency and performance of your company.

The choice of business intelligence experts

Providing solutions in finance, human resources, operations, sales and marketing verticals, SAP Analytics Cloud enables you to gain competitive advantage by creating data-based strategies, simplify your processes and set corporate standards. Combining business intelligence, planning and foresight, SAC is positioned as the market leader by business intelligence users from all over the world and recommended by 97% of them (Source: The BI Survey 19). According to the study, which positions SAP as the largest supplier in the cloud business intelligence, innovation, business value and customer satisfaction categories, SAC is well ahead of all other major international business intelligence vendors in terms of 10 key performance indicators.

Why should you choose SAP Analytics Cloud?

  • It enables data to be managed from a single point.
  • It simplifies analytics processes.
  • It increases the value of corporate data.
  • It supports making fast and correct decisions.
  • It enables simulating future scenarios.
  • It leads to improved growth and performance.