SAP and OpenText Project Consultancy Services

In our days, where digital transformation is not a luxury but a necessity for businesses, we provide excellent service to companies using SAP and OpenText, and offer end-to-end solutions to enable them to manage their systems in the most efficient way possible. Under the guidance of our competent and expert consultants we cooperate with many leading institutions in their field. We mediate our business partners to get one step closer to their business goals by offering flexible solutions that meet their needs and customer structures. It is possible, with Çözümevi, to receive strategic and detailed services in compliance with the technological needs of the business world in the digital transformation journey!

Special sectoral solutions, each of which is considered in detail, of the SAP portfolio simplifies and makes your processes user-friendly in related areas in order to realize your business goals and support your digital transformation process. With over 20 years of experience; we provide consultancy and licensing services to institutions with different solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer and Vendor Relationship Management and many more product families. We support you to improve your technological infrastructure decisions, enable you to perform perfect data management and increase your efficiency. With our expert staff and “SAP Best Practice” approach, we serve you with flexible models in line with your needs by bringing innovative applications to your company, support the continuity of your SAP and OpenText systems.

Why Çözümevi!

Under the roof of Çözümevi who are relying on their years of experience as a company in support services, their SAP and OpenText expertise, and their competent consultant staff, more than 100 BASIS projects, as well as more than 500 installations and more than 30 upgrade and migration projects have been successfully completed.

Until Today

BASIS Projects
Upgrade / Migration Projects

Complete Maintenance Services with End-to-End Management

Çözümevi offers end-to-end management options in order for companies using SAP and OpenText can efficiently manage the continuity and performance of their business processes.

  • Safe, up-to-date, redundant, high-performance systems
  • Problems that disappear before the user notices
  • Experienced expert consultant staff
  • Disciplined, fast and meticulous work processes
  • 360 degree system management
  • Management of all products in SAP and OpenText family
  • Minimizing downtime and risks
  • Securing systems with the Disaster Recovery option
  • Possibility of outsourcing all hardware and software needs