SAP and OpenText System Management

Corporate business software has an important place in the digital transformation of companies and in creating sustainable business models. However, these software and the technology platforms they work on need to be managed, kept up-to-date and maintenance work should be done when needed. Çözümevi provides infrastructure and support services to their customers through their certified consultants for SAP and OpenText, of which they are a partner.

Çözümevi teams specialized in BASIS, the management platform of SAP systems, ensure that their customers’ SAP infrastructure works smoothly and consistently. With BASIS, which holds the entire SAP architecture together, it is possible to manage the installation, configuration, version upgrade, authorization processes of systems and to move systems between platforms. In addition, the root causes of all kinds of infrastructure problems are reached and resolved. Çözümevi consultants have the ability to support systems running on all infrastructure configurations supported by OpenText, as in SAP.

What awaits you at Çözümevi?

Whether they use SAP or OpenText, while expert consultants of Çözümevi, managing their customers’ systems end-to-end; they position their operating with a secure, up-to-date, redundant and good performance, as the first priority. As for, solving possible problems in the system without allowing users to feel it as much as possible, takes first place among the working principles of Çözümevi consultants.

Why Çözümevi!

Under the roof of Çözümevi who are relying on their years of experience as a company in support services, their SAP and OpenText expertise, and their competent consultant staff, more than 100 BASIS projects, as well as more than 500 installations and more than 30 upgrade and migration projects have been successfully completed.

Until Today

BASIS Projects
Upgrade / Migration Projects

Complete Maintenance Services with End-to-End Management

Çözümevi offers end-to-end management options in order for companies using SAP and OpenText can efficiently manage the continuity and performance of their business processes.

  • Safe, up-to-date, redundant, high-performance systems
  • Problems that disappear before the user notices
  • Experienced expert consultant staff
  • Disciplined, fast and meticulous work processes
  • 360 degree system management
  • Management of all products in SAP and OpenText family
  • Minimizing downtime and risks
  • Securing systems with the Disaster Recovery option
  • Possibility of outsourcing all hardware and software needs