SAP Cash Management

As enterprises grow and become more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to get an accurate picture of cash position with traditional cash management approaches. Considering today’s hyper-connected world, an ecosystem approach is needed to carry out financial processes in the most efficient and effective way. SAP Cash Management solution (SAP S/4HANA Cash Management) brings a new approach to cash position, offering end-to-end transparency with a centralized payment platform that provides real-time visibility across the company and automatically accurate forecasts.

Accelerate your treasury operations with the SAP Cash Management solution.

The solution, which allows to monitor the financial status of the company with real-time data by working in conjunction with the SAP ERP system, facilitates capital management and liquidity accounting processes by integrating data from multiple sources on a single platform. It also provides the opportunity to analyse cash positions by country, currency, company code, bank and flow type.

  • Server based, cloud or hybrid
  • Real-time visibility
  • Reliable liquidity forecasts
  • Cash flow improvement

Cash Management with SAP S/4HANA

Bank Account Management

  • It helps to manage bank accounts as Bank Account Master Data instead of traditional methods (classic cash management).

Cash Transactions

  • Cash Position Analysis
  • Fiori App manage for bank transfers, transfer tracking, confirming bank payments and cash concentration
  • SAPGUI transaction for cash position

Liquidity Management

  • Liquidity Forecast Analysis
  • Real Cash Flow Analysis
  • Liquidity Planning

What kind of advantages does SAP Cash Management offer you?

Real-time insights: Improve the visibility of your enterprise cash flow by viewing the balances and liquidity estimates of your international bank accounts in real time.

The only version of the reality: Access all the data you need from a central platform by fully integrating data from different sources.

Simplified payment management: Connect with multiple banks using different standards and data formats while optimizing working capital with centralized and simplified intercompany payments.

What can you do with SAP Cash Management?

  • Payments and communication with banks: Monitor your international bank balance with simplified processes for all your needs such as opening accounts, making changes, closing accounts, checking accounts, etc.
  • Cash and liquidity management: Reduce the time and effort required to get information about your cash situation. Understand your cash needs in seconds and automatically trigger the necessary actions from within the app. You can also perform in-depth analysis to gain more detailed information about treasury operations.
  • In-house cash control: Reduce the need for cash transfers between regions and your dependency on banks with support for centralized cash control.