SAP Data Intelligence

It is getting more and more complicated for companies to manage their enterprise information. IT teams have to deal with large data volumes, multiple data sources and types in hybrid environments. Conventional data integration methods can no longer fully meet the needs. SAP Data Intelligence solution enables you to overcome data management challenges by transforming distributed data propagations into valuable insights. It helps you maximize the value of your data by connecting to and gaining insights from data assets to support your intelligent decision making.

Turn data chaos into value with SAP Data Intelligence!

Providing a comprehensive data management solution, SAP Data Intelligence solution acts as the conductor of the SAP Business Technology Platform. It allows companies that want to turn into an intelligent business to benefit from business applications. It provides a holistic route for them to manage, integrate and process their corporate data. It enables the creation of data warehouses from heterogeneous corporate data, while simplifying the management of IoT data flows, facilitating scalable machine learning.

Use data intelligence

Provide intelligent, relevant and contextual insights to your users by integrating data across your IT environment.

  • Integrate and regulate large data volumes and flows at appropriate scale.
  • Drive, operationalize and manage machine learning-driven innovation.
  • Minimize compliance risk with comprehensive meta data management.

Perform data integration

Create actionable insights at corporate scale by connecting, enriching and coordinating discrete data assets.

What can you do with SAP Data Intelligence?

  • You can access the data you need, anytime, anywhere from a single corporate data structure.
  • You can create a robust, searchable data catalogue by transforming complex data types.
  • You can organize complex data flows and create intelligent data processes with scalable, repeatable, production-level machine learning.

Why should you choose SAP Data Intelligence?

Companies need to extract business value from large volumes of data to improve processes such as fraud prevention, predictive maintenance and supply chain optimization. However, they have difficulties transforming large volumes and diverse data from SAP and 3rd party systems. SAP Data Intelligence provides solutions that make life easier for companies in data management with its data integration, data innovation and data compatibility features.

  • Avoid data floods with data integration.
  • Harmonize data from SAP or 3rd party using any data processing engine.
  • Spread data intelligence by making machine learning easy and scalable.
  • Ensure data quality by preparing and managing data assets with the same tool.
  • Use server-based or hybrid.

Who can benefit from SAP Data Intelligence?

  • Data controllers
  • IT teams
  • Data warehouse managers
  • Business analysts
  • CTOs and CIOs

What does SAP Data Intelligence offer?

Some companies today do not treat data as an asset. While the management of stored data brings many difficulties, there are also some other inconveniences in connecting big data to corporate data and business processes. SAP Data Intelligence solution offers many benefits to companies that want to derive high value from data.

Improve your business processes by organizing your data.

  • Connect various data from different locations.
  • Integrate big data volumes and flows at appropriate scale.
  • Pave the way for machine learning-focused innovation.
  • Bring insights into your business processes.

Describe and classify your data.

  • Create a searchable data structure by cataloguing distributed data.
  • Extract value from the data you profile and develop.
  • Monitor and improve data quality.

Hybridize data management.

  • Manage data where it resides but centrally.
  • Automate and reuse cloud or server-based processing engines.
  • Manage complex data types in distributed environments.