SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

The business world bases all its operations on data. Especially in uncertain or difficult times, data-driven insights enable companies to be more stable and agile. Companies that have been successful in putting data at the centre of their business utilize insights to enter new markets, create new business models and maintain a competitive advantage. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud expands your company’s horizons by exposing the power of data and analytics to drive faster and better business results.

Utilize the power of data with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud!

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud combines data and analytics in a cloud solution that includes data integration, database, data warehouse and analytics capabilities to help you establish a data-driven structure in your company. With software as a service built on the SAP HANA Cloud database (SaaS), it enables you to better understand data and make secure decisions using real-time data.

  • Connect your data in real time across multi cloud and server environments.
  • Analyse with real-time data.
  • Enable all users to have self-service capabilities to securely connect, model, visualize and share data in an environment all managed by IT teams.
  • Accelerate your applications with pre-integrated database, data warehouse, analytical capabilities and data integration.
  • Take advantage of pre-built content, templates and data models specific to industry and business line.

What can you do with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud bridges IT teams and users, enabling you to utilize your company’s greatest asset, data, in a single, simple and integrated solution.

IT teams

Get a single resource accessible to everyone with self-service capabilities thus companies’ IT teams can focus on managing data and maintaining data integrity. Utilize pre-integrated, corporate-level cloud services for database, data integration, analytics, and users.


Allow internal users to work independently, without the need for support, to understand and connect data, turn it into insights and instantly share results through the SAP Analytics Cloud, without delays, manual processes, or repetitions.

What does SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offer?

  • Ability to collect and link data from all sources: Easily access your data by virtualizing, replication and organization from SAP and third-party sources across cloud and server-based applications.
  • Possibility to use SAP data locally: Utilize the semantics of your SAP data to gain deeper insights and provide business context to other data assets.
  • Insights obtained from real-time data: Analyse data at in-memory speed powered by SAP HANA Cloud for real-time insights.

Why should you choose SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

  • User authorization with governance: Access data sources, business catalogue and intuitive data modelling and visualization tools independently in a dedicated space, with user-friendly access, without creating separate copies or affecting other users, explore and analyse your data easily.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Encourage multiple users to work on the same data, share data models and insights and trust the same real data.
  • Open options: Encourage analysts, data scientists and developers to choose the best tool. Utilize existing capabilities and meet your company’s needs with tool and language options, open interfaces and multi-cloud options.
  • Compositional data and analytics ecosystem: Utilize end-to-end data and analytics solutions that provide in-memory data processing, advanced analytics and data virtualization capabilities built into the SAP HANA Cloud database.
  • Catalysts: Benefit from pre-built data models using SAP’s know-how and expertise and semantic views of data from SAP applications.
  • Predictable cost, efficient cloud: Work in a transparent environment by effectively managing system resources and predicting your costs.

Empower your users with easy-to-access 3rd party data

  • Consolidate third-party data linked to business content and processes into a single point. Align internal real-time data with external data using standard tools and services.
  • Track data consumption with simplified resource usage to accelerate results. Accelerate third-party data consumption with simple data integration, reduce users’ data preparation time and enable data sharing between teams and organizations by utilizing the “field” functionality in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.
  • Gain greater visibility using data and controlling costs. Utilize “fields” for third-party data rights compliance and usage and centralize data access for all functionality.