Data is gaining more importance and value every day in the digital economy. On the other hand, a database that accelerates decision-making based on real-time data allows to compete strategically rather than operationally in today’s business conditions. The data produced by the companies only turns into value if they are safely stored in a good database and processed using smart technologies. SAP HANA Cloud offers an in-memory “Database as a Service | DBaaS” solution delivered over the cloud platform. It enables faster and safer decisions based on live data by integrating company-wide data on a cloud-based basis for the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Get a state-of-the-art cloud database with SAP HANA Cloud!

Build cloud solutions for your data using modern architectures and get insights by processing in real time.

  • Cloud-based or hybrid
  • Flexible and low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • High performance through multi-model hybrid processes
  • Real time data and analytics processing

You can listen to the podcast titled “Let’s Talk Data” to learn how you can utilize SAP HANA Cloud to grow your server-based investments.

What does SAP HANA Cloud offer?

You can make your data solutions fast, efficient and scalable in the cloud. You can access reliable, ready-to-use information from a single point with a proven cloud database solution for security, privacy and anonymization.

  • Comprehensively managed multi cloud environment with smooth hybrid hosting
  • Cloud database solution with scalability, speed and flexibility
  • Connected and distributed data without the need for acquisition
  • Advanced data layering to quickly manage performance, cost and storage during variation
  • Simple and flexible pricing model supporting many purchasing scenarios

The compatibility between server-based and cloud-based routings simplifies cloud adoption and the use of existing capabilities to utilize hybrid data. Once transferred to the cloud, you can analyse data with SAP’s various cloud services and gain corporate-level privacy, security and compliance.

SAP HANA Database

  • Take advantage of in-memory speed and compression.
  • Process and store business data with intelligent and multiple models.
  • Get real-time advanced analytics and perform high-performance transactions.

SAP HANA Cloud | Data Lake

  • Store and query large volumes of data in a relational data lake that provides local storage for most file types.
  • Support existing SAP IQ software by protecting Sybase investments.
  • Export SAP IQ databases to the cloud of your choice as a managed service.

SAP HANA Cloud | Adaptive Server

  • Get a fully managed cloud option compatible with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE).
  • Enable SAP HANA users to receive data at high speed.
  • Enrich SAP ASE with the capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud.

SAP HANA Cloud | Adaptive Server Replication

  • Perform flexible, high-performance data replication between components of the SAP HANA Cloud adaptive server enterprise.
  • Store transactionally consistent data in databases.
  • Use efficient bidirectional log-based replication and re-engage existing Sybase capabilities.

What can you do with SAP HANA Cloud?

  • Make faster decisions with live data: Scale according to your needs. Process all types of business data. Utilize enhanced data and analytics in live processes for fast, improved decision-making processes without adjustment.
  • Integrate company-wide data: Connect to data distributed by local integration, develop applications and tools across clouds and internal, store temporary data.
  • Trust your business data: Access ready-to-use business data by creating a single true source and securely handle secure, confidential and anonymous data.

Why should you choose SAP HANA Cloud?

Single and true source of business data

  • Connect more easily with data from different sources.
  • Make data management standard and easy with a single source cloud platform.
  • Reduce duplication with virtualization and intelligent data access.

Storage options to suit your needs

  • Use flexible and multi-layer data storage on demand.
  • Utilize an inquirable data lake to store any data.
  • Optimize the ratio of cost and performance with proper storage of data.
  • Implement local storage and integrate with 3rd parties.

High-performance on-demand data

  • Access data anytime and at high speed.
  • Enable independent data processing and storage.
  • Scale up or down quickly at no upfront cost with fully managed as-a-service solutions.

Enhance your SAP applications with HANA Cloud

Enhance your data by exporting them to the cloud with SAP HANA Cloud. Combine operational data with experience data so everyone in your company can make effective, fast and confident decisions.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Experience an end-to-end enhanced data warehouse in the cloud, along with advanced analytics that support business and IT goals.

  • Scale easily utilizing the power of SAP HANA.
  • Transform data into valuable insights.
  • Access data in real time.
  • Integrate with corporate and external data.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Make quick decisions with powerful analytical capabilities.

  • Combine the functions of exploring, analysing, planning and forecasting at a single point.
  • Make smarter decisions faster with artificial intelligence-powered insights.
  • Act instantly with analytics embedded in your processes.
  • Perform scaling to meet your needs.