Data has become one of the most valuable concepts in the business world today. In fact, it has become the most important raw material of companies. Because a database that accelerates decision-making based on real-time data allows companies to compete strategically rather than operationally. The data produced by companies turns into value when processed using smart technologies. SAP HANA offers a high-performance in-memory database that accelerates data-driven, real-time decisions and actions.

Manage growing data volumes with SAP HANA!

SAP HANA, which forms the data basis of the SAP Business Technology Platform, provides advanced analytics on multi-model data as server-based and cloud.

  • Secure, corporate and ready-to-use database management system
  • On-site, multi-cloud and smooth hybrid distributions
  • Database as a Service (DBaaS)
  • Faster decisions with real-time data

What does SAP HANA offer?

You can drive innovation with a database management system where you can develop smart and live solutions for quick decision making. You can support next-generation data processing with advanced analytics.

  • Server-based, multi-cloud and smooth hybrid distributions
  • Ready-to-use database preferred by more than 32 thousand customers
  • In-memory machine learning to embed business intelligence into applications and analytics
  • Single column-oriented database for transactional and analytical workloads with any data type

What can you do with SAP HANA?

Providing real-time data access, SAP HANA offers support for multiple data types and models.

  • Blend the advantages of SAP HANA and the cloud: Utilize a cloud-based solution that provides scalability, speed and flexibility while eliminating data silos with a single data sample.
  • Simplify the IT environment and scale data management: Experience an in-memory data platform that combines database, advanced analytics, data integration and application services at a lower cost of ownership.
  • Enhance applications and analytics with business intelligence: Amplify insights and situational awareness with broad, multimodal and advanced analytics capabilities.
  • Add confidence and agility to your innovation processes: Easily create intelligent and responsive solutions by combining analytical and transactional workloads, advanced analytics and security to protect privacy and safety.

Why should you choose SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is used for database management, advanced and analytical data processing, application development and data virtualization.

  • Open a simple door that allows you to easily access your corporate data.
  • Generate more insights with a simplified IT environment.
  • Use live intelligence and augmented analytics.
  • Perform data processing transactionally and analytically with a hybrid model.
  • Take advantage of advanced analytics and graphics processing capabilities.

Turn your data into value with SAP HANA!

  • Run the data wherever you want: Modernize data stores with certified application configurations, tailor-made data centres, and flexible deployment options from trusted service providers.
  • Reduce data redundancy: Virtualize data access to analyse on a single platform to reduce the need for data replication.
  • Comprehend the data: Provide data-driven innovation across distributed infrastructures, complex data types and processing engines.
  • Manage master data: Create a comprehensive master data system to facilitate business processes and obtain a single, reliable master data view along the value chain.

Industry leader in database management

Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant report, which evaluates different companies developing cloud database management systems, positions SAP as the leader in this field.

How can companies measure the business value of innovation? Click to see the summary of IDC’s report describing the values that can be achieved using SAP HANA.

SAP is called a leader in data management for analytics. You can find the details in Forrester’s report.

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