SAP and OpenText License and License Maintenance Services

The benefits of digital transformation provided in all areas of business life are felt even better every day. As a result of the successful integration of corporate business applications, while the productivity increase is achieved company-wide, the expenses are also reduced. By means of effective marketing processes, also the sales teams and managers have smiles on their faces.

However, the process that starts with making decisions in digital transformation, continues with the selection of products and solutions and extends to the completion of integration is not so clear: There are many decisions you need to take, needs and tasks you need to define, and elements you need to consider when choosing the right product and service.

Let’s say you have chosen an SAP or OpenText solution; do you know under which conditions you will get the best efficiency from this solution? In your existing infrastructure which components will you continue to use, which of them will you build from scratch? Is the project you need to start, a quick application project or a dissemination project? Your answers to all these questions, will determine the difference between whether the digital transformation has enormous potential for success or poses a great risk for you.

Fortunately, you have a reliable solution partner who has the answer keys to all these questions, and who, as a result of numerous projects they executed, has helped many businesses benefit greatly from digital transformation: Çözümevi!

Çözümevi, with their rich sectoral experience and proven methodologies, progresses quickly but meticulously in projects. By ensuring that the needs are correctly determined, they license only the products that will benefit you. Thus, the emergence of unnecessary expense items under the name of digital transformation is prevented.

After the determination of the products that will carry you to success, the expert consultants of Çözümevi take sides with you for all your needs during the project. The consultancy teams constituted to support the development at every stage, to continuously develop and control the ways of doing business, are carrying out all the necessary work to take you one step ahead in the field you operate with their rich knowledge.

Thanks to Çözümevi License and Consultancy Services, the uncertainties of digital transformation are eliminated; With tangible and measurable benefits, companies can focus on growth and innovation.

Why Çözümevi!

Under the roof of Çözümevi who are relying on their years of experience as a company in support services, their SAP and OpenText expertise, and their competent consultant staff, more than 100 BASIS projects, as well as more than 500 installations and more than 30 upgrade and migration projects have been successfully completed.

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BASIS Projects
Upgrade / Migration Projects

Complete Maintenance Services with End-to-End Management

Çözümevi offers end-to-end management options in order for companies using SAP and OpenText can efficiently manage the continuity and performance of their business processes.

  • Safe, up-to-date, redundant, high-performance systems
  • Problems that disappear before the user notices
  • Experienced expert consultant staff
  • Disciplined, fast and meticulous work processes
  • 360 degree system management
  • Management of all products in SAP and OpenText family
  • Minimizing downtime and risks
  • Securing systems with the Disaster Recovery option
  • Possibility of outsourcing all hardware and software needs