SAP Profitability and Performance Management

All companies aim to increase their market share and be profitable. So, can profitability be controlled and managed? Definitely yes! Managing company profitability effectively and analytically increases the market share and ensures higher profit margins. SAP provides a user-friendly solution for profitability and financial performance management. Formerly SAP FS PER, with its current version SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) solution enables to make profitability analysis, to gain insight for performing and improving financial performance management at lower costs and to adapt to new conditions by gaining agility.

Consolidate your performance and profitability insights with SAP Profit and Performance Management supported by SAP HANA!

You can improve your profit while optimizing your business performance with real-time and actionable insights from complex models such as profitability and cost allocation, planning, shared service costing, cash flow modelling, funds and liquidity transfer pricing.

  • Server based and cloud
  • Transparent cost and revenue processes
  • Ad hoc simulations in multiple dimensions
  • Customized business and finance models

What kind of advantages does PaPM offer you?

  • Strengthen your decision-making processes with effective models: Increase business agility with reliable and meaningful insights on a customer, product or channel basis by creating profit and performance models.
  • Get instant actionable insights: Process large volumes of data in a short time. Use what-if simulation to make your decisions with confidence and test their impact beforehand.
  • Organize your processes according to profitability and performance: Align and regulate insights and reporting by integrating your calculated results with defined jobs, planning cycles, visualization and execution.

What can you do with PaPM?

Focused profit and performance strategies

  • Quickly build and expand financial models with an intuitive user interface that manages any complexity and level of detail.
  • Build and test complex models of your business.
  • Increase compliance with business and user confidence and full data and configuration traceability.

Instant access to actionable insights

  • Use the results in a timely manner by performing in-memory computing calculations in a short time on large volumes of data from any model.
  • Provide control with transparency and traceability by allowing users to define the analysis they need on demand.
  • Predict the impact of possible decisions by running simulations and analysing what-if scenarios.

Strong connections to enterprise systems and data

  • Optimize SAP systems, solutions and data.
  • Enhance your capabilities such as instant access to remote data with a powerful integration.
  • Improve your processes by integrating performance analytics with built-in processes and reporting capabilities.

What is required for effective profitability management?

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Sectors with ready-made content in the SAP Profitability and Performance Management solution:

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Engineering and construction processes
  • Industrial machinery and components
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Consumer products
  • Life sciences
  • Health
  • Oil and gas
  • Public sector
  • Telecom