SAP Real Estate Management (SAP RE – FX)

You can manage your real estate portfolio end-to-end from a single center with SAP Property Management (SAP RE – FX). Thanks to this solution, manual work processes are reduced and the centralized management of processes minimizes the possibility of errors. Speed and efficiency increase in sectors such as banking, shopping malls, retail and real estate investment trust; labour, time and cost advantage is provided. The real estate management solution optimizes your investment management, field management, lease contract management and maintenance and repair management processes. It provides the opportunity to manage rental contracts, rent increase rates, property ownership structure and payment dates of partners, maintenance/repair and construction processes in rented or leased properties in an integrated manner.

What does the SAP Real Estate solution bring in the banking sector?

You can perform the lease contract tracking, cost tracking and field management tracking related to square meter and volume information by designing your branch renewal works.  In addition, you can manage processes such as penal conditions and supply of  maintenance and repair needs, periodic increases, inventory, payment conditions of contracts and rent increase from a single centre.

What does the SAP Real Estate solution bring in the retail, real estate investment partnership and shopping mall sectors?

Thanks to the SAP Real Estate management solution, sub-lease invoices and contracts with dealers and sub-tenants, store renewals, housing, office, shopping mall maintenance/repair processes, rental tracking and general cost tracking processes in retail, real estate investment trust and shopping mall sectors are managed from a single source, end-to-end and your business processes are facilitated.

The SAP Real Estate Management solution can be operated in integration with other modules such as SAP Financial Accounting (FI) and Cost Accounting and Control (CO). Thus, it provides speed and efficiency increase in your transactions related to leasing, maintenance, investment and facility-based purchase and sale and revaluation.

You can create error-free reports with accurate data, make strong cost assessments and increase the time you spend on your business processes that will bring added value with the advantage of automating repetitive processes with this solution.

You can evaluate your costs and manage your repetitive business processes from end to end with the SAP Real Estate Management Solution.