SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is an HR (Human Resources) solution developed to assign the best talent to the right position and to make the most accurate in-house workforce planning. SAP SuccessFactors, a cloud-based Human Capital Management platform, promises companies high efficiency in talent management. SAP SuccessFactors, which provides added value during the performance evaluation with advanced workforce analytics, allows managers to access the data of all employees on a single screen. The software, which can be accessed from anywhere via its cloud-based structure, provides almost any solution that HR managers may need, allowing for comprehensive evaluation and business analytics.

SAP SuccessFactors provides an opportunity for in-house talent flow by evaluating its employees, who are determined with their efficiency in the system, in different positions within the company, thus recruitment costs are significantly reduced. The software, which shortens the recruitment process with the evaluations in its content, also increases the productivity of the hired personnel in a very short time. SAP SuccessFactors, which is fully integrated with social networks, contributes to the collaborative working processes of the personnel and reduces the project periods. The software, which provides consistency in HR processes throughout the institution with a central HR infrastructure, ensures the elimination of human errors.

Supporting the HR processes of more than 40 million users in 177 countries around the world, SAP SuccessFactors offers concrete and measurable solutions for enterprises of all sizes with the 20 years of experience of Çözümevi. SAP SuccessFactors, which provides significant contributions to your company in terms of productivity and accordingly growth, adds value to your company with the expert staff and vision of Çözümevi.

Briefly, with SAP SuccessFactors;

  • It becomes easier to hire the right people and the loyalty of existing employees to the company increases.
  • Many data of recruited employees can be accessed at the first stage.
  • Afterwards, they can be provided to enter their skill data themselves.
  • Efficiency increases as recruitment processes are shortened.
  • Recruitment costs are significantly reduced by the in-house talent flow.
  • Performance results, trainings received, backups and people backed up, position history and many other talent data can be displayed in the profiles of individuals.
  • Horizontal or vertical transfer and promotion decisions regarding individuals can be managed in the light of this information.
  • Many processes such as recruitment requests and offer approval, target viewing and changing, competency-based evaluation, organization chart viewing, profile information editing, permission request can also be carried out on mobile platforms.
  • With its fully integrated interface with social networks, the collaborative working processes of the personnel are supported.
  • The total cost of ownership is reduced by the fact that all processes are run on the cloud.
  • Thanks to a centralized infrastructure, consistency is ensured in HR processes throughout the institution and human errors are eliminated.

How does Çözümevi make a difference with SAP SuccessFactors?

  • Many years of SAP SuccessFactors project experience in the public sector
  • HR processes experience in many projects in the Pharmaceutical and Construction sectors
  • SuccessFactors support project experience in the energy industry
  • A powerful support infrastructure
  • SF consultants with experience in SAP Human Resources Management (HCM) processes
  • Making a difference in projects with the cooperation of Allos, Europe’s best selling SuccessFactors partner

SAP SuccessFactors Modules

The SuccessFactors performance and goal management module, which focuses on employee performance, helps to ensure that employees work with the highest performance at all times. This module makes improvements for the future by measuring past performance with the Performance Process tool.

Outstanding Features of the Module

  • Goals are entered into the system based on weight, actual and planned values. This feature of Goal Management creates an advantage for managers and makes it easier to share goals with the team.
  • The Continuous Performance Management feature provides feedback and coaching support. Thus, it supports employees to develop themselves and be successful.
  • 180 and 360 degrees Performance Evaluation feature makes it easy to define development goals

SAP SuccessFactors assists the recruiting team both in searching and recruiting the most talented candidates and also increasing employee loyalty.

Outstanding Features of the Module

  • The Recruitment module has three key components: Recruitment, Marketing and Multiposting.
    In the Recruitment module, all steps can be managed, from creating requests to publishing approvals and announcements, from the stages determined for candidates to the proposal process.
  • With Marketing, it is possible to publish advertisements in the social media environment, to make analyses regarding the target audience, such as the applications made through the social media and the website and those who clicked on the advertisement.
  • With Multiposting, advertisements to be published on the website can also be published simultaneously on platforms such as, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The SAP SuccessFactors Orientation Module enables the new employee to adapt to the job much faster and to fulfil his/her duties assigned in company targets.

Outstanding Features of the Module

The equipment identification of the employee who will start the job is carried out with the orientation module. Creating documents and work list. His/her training is scheduled and a “Buddy” assignment is made.

SAP SuccessFactors Training Module is preferred to improve the competencies of the employees and to reduce the compliance risk. It can be run through multiple channels and positions external training resources in the most efficient way.

Outstanding Features of the Module

In-class trainings, e-learnings, virtual classroom trainings are carried out through the SuccessFactors Training module. In addition, training requests can be collected with this module. Training processes and budget are planned. Furthermore, the evaluation of the education and the education history tracking can be carried out through this module.

SuccessFactors Employee Central is a platform where the human resources business processes of the entire organization are managed. It also gains importance as it is the system where data is stored for employees and HR.

Outstanding Features of the Module

This module, where vacation entry, approvals and quota tracking are carried out, also allows employees to update their own data. While the managers can easily view the data of the employees, it is also possible to view the payroll envelope of all employees.

SAP SuccessFactors Backup and Career Planning module, which provides important opportunities to achieve business goals and strengthen the corporate structure, supports employees to identify their talents and improve themselves.

Outstanding Features of the Module

With the SAP SuccessFactors Backup and Career Planning module, the ranking of backups can be defined by determining critical positions. While the mentoring application guides the way to the goal, career paths for employees can be defined with this module, the most suitable position can be displayed by comparing the competencies of the person with the requirements of the positions in the career path. A talent pool is created for high-potential employees. This module also keeps data such as the risk of loss and retirement of people in critical positions in the system.

The SuccessFactors Wage Management Module, which can position wage policy as the main component of the entire talent strategy, ensures that wages policies are managed in harmony with business objectives.

Outstanding Features of the Module

This module, which performs wage planning according to performance data, position seniority, median values, current wage data and PIR values, helps in calculating premiums and flexible wages according to the realization rates of performance targets.

SAP Jam Social Learning Platform helps solve critical processes among customers, partners and colleagues. The platform, which can also be used mobile, shares information, applications and processes related to these processes.

Outstanding Features of the Module

The module, which offers features such as creating groups, sharing by group, creating a pool and voting, also functions as an in-house Facebook. While providing an environment where meeting notes and all kinds of content are shared, it also serves as an orientation for new employees.