SAP Support Services

Following an integration project that made your business better, more efficient and more profitable, now you observe the real benefits. All your business processes run like clockwork; both your employees and customers are content.

However, suddenly, there has been an important reassignment in your system users. You need a team to teach the system to the new team. Or there has been an unexpected malfunction in the system and the problem needs to be resolved immediately.

As one of the first SAP business partners to handle support services as a separate line of business, Çözümevi provides SAP support to more than 200 customers. In addition to project consultancy, all kinds of support for new systems are given with the supervision of expert teams. Such support may include intervention in an emerging error, Level 1 user support, process changes, or implementation of a new requirement. At this point, services are provided to each customer with flexible models created in line with their needs and support is given to ensure continuity of enterprise level SAP systems.

Çözümevi Support Services unit undergoes SAP’s Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE) audit once every two years and continuously improves its infrastructure in order to provide better services. As a result of the assessments held regularly with customers and the feedback received, we improve our working methods in line with the expectations.