Service Policy
  • Correctly analyzing customer needs and providing high added value, innovative and applicable solutions
  • Providing solutions and services to customers that will support them in all stages during the installation and maintenance of SAP systems
  • Guiding customers with correct roadmaps in forming and developing corporate business solutions
  • Being responsible in attaining common goals, increasing the ability to cooperate and act jointly
  • Foreseeing, correctly managing and correctly directing potential risks
  • Evaluating feedback from peers and aiming for constant growth
  • Prioritizing teamwork, supporting team members and customers teams in projects
  • Maintaining open communication with customers, employees and business partners
  • Supporting perpetual growth of employees

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Reasons to Work with Çözümevi
  • Expertise in Opentext corporate information and document management solutions
  • Correct guidance, correct project design, and successful projects with the project management office
  • 24/7 SAP application support
  • 24/7 SAP BASIS support
  • Consultancy experience in all SAP applications
  • Portfolio of industry-based and special applications
  • Expertise in mobile applications
  • Roll-out experience in global SAP systems
  • SAP support service experience in Global SAP systems
  • Experience in SAP and non-SAP system integrations
  • Expertise in SAP upgrade services
  • Quality assurance (QA) service experience in SAP projects and applications
  • Competency in software development
  • Expertise in IFRS, USGAAP applications
  • Expertise in e-ledger and e-invoice applications
  • Team of experts in ABAP, Web Dynpro, BSP, Java, .Net, C#, HTML5 implementation and development