Solution for HR

It is about the key factor resources of your company is how systematically, efficiently and rationally are used in the process of advancing in line with the growth and business goals of your enterprise.  Regardless of your industry, the existing and centrally located resource is indisputably the human resource. The central existence of this resource attributes vital importance to the necessity of its correct and efficient use. Chain reactions that can occur when human capital is not managed properly turn into a giant obstacle in front of your enterprise’s growth targets.

Therefore, how can this resource, the importance of which cannot be denied, be used in the most efficient way? The answer is digital transformation processes that make it possible to achieve many different business development goals too. Thanks to the “Solution for HR” solution developed by Çözümevi, it is not only possible but also easy to digitize all your human resources processes from end to end! You can now track all your data entry, update, approval, monitoring and reporting processes much faster and carry out in a practical way through Fiori.

Why “Solution for HR?

Making improvements for public institutions or organizations that cannot use cloud applications for legal or any other reason and for human resources processes that current Fiori applications cannot meet, are among the main creating motivations of Solution for HR.

Advantages of Solution for HR

Probably the most important output of all these processes that you can develop with the Solution for HR solution is the development of your corporate culture in parallel with the strengthening of internal communication. Thanks to the central HR infrastructure, consistency in HR processes is ensured throughout the organization and human errors are minimized.

  • Thanks to the opportunities offered by Solution for HR, you can easily access personnel information and be sure that it is up-to-date.
  • In case of an update on the system, all authorized personnel and managers can access this information regardless of time and place and can be sure that they always have accurate and up-to-date information.
  • In order to ensure that the internal hierarchy can be followed by everyone, you can create detailed organizational charts on Solution for HR that can be taken graphically and printed out. All processes that require request and approval are initiated, evaluated, approved and terminated in the digital ecosystem.

So what processes are we talking about exactly?

While it is possible to track all human resource-related processes that you can think of, such as time off, advance, travel, debit, expense receipt in fast and reliable way, there is also practical integration opportunity for any non-standard need that you may not think of. In addition, you can not only easily manage the approval and tracking process, but also report them collectively through the system. Another process that you can easily manage on a single screen is the request and approval process for proxies. Solution for HR’s detailed proxy process design was developed entirely for this purpose.

Another advantage that makes digital transformation processes indispensable is that it minimizes the errors that may arise from the user. Automated processes operate in a way that leaves no room for error. Just as the key capital of business processes is human, one of the key capitals of humans is time. Thus, efficient use of human resources is possible by using their time efficiently. With the time tracking functions that Solution for HR provides for you, you can create time sheets (My TimeSheet) in line with your personnel’s entry-exit information (standard Personnel Attendance Control System), entry-exit query screens and you can manage time, which is the most valuable resource for you and your employees, with maximum efficiency.

Another indispensable factor in digitalization processes is that your employees can easily adapt to the new system. A clear and user-friendly interface is a must for the system. With a simple and easy-to-learn interface that will speed up and facilitate adaptation, all your processes are quickly and securely adopted and managed by your employees.

Functions in Solution for HR

  • Personnel Profile
  • Organizational Overview (Who’s Who)
  • Team Calendar (Team Management)
  • Address and Contact Information
  • Identity / Passport / Driver’s License Information
  • Education Information
  • Body sizes
  • Payroll Envelope (Standard)
  • Time off request and approval processes
  • Compensatory time-off request and approval process (deducted from overtime)
  • Annual leave advance and payroll advance request and approval process
  • Travel requests and approval process
    • Request process for the personnel itself
    • Travel process led by the event coordinator
    • Travel requests tracking form
  • Travel and business allowance request and approval process
  • Travel-related or unrelated expense entry screens and approval process
  • Expense claims tracking form
  • Debit information
  • Minimum living allowance (MLA) form
  • Training allowance request and approval process
  • Personnel entry-exit information (standard PDKS entry-exit query screens)
  • Time tracking functions from the SAP standard
  • My Time Statement
  • My Timesheet
  • Job definition output (Job definition form according to the criteria defined on SAP based on the position)
  • Dynamic form structure
  • Data fed from position, job and related definitions on the SAP system (qualifications/requirements, long text entries…)
  • Inbox and outbox
  • Standard workflow report
  • Legation, sending a power of attorney request to the HR department and power of attorney cancellation screens
  • Personnel summary (6-month accrual statement summary that can be used by the personnel himself or, if authorized, by his manager)
  • Organizational chart