Solution Project (Construction and Contracting Industry)

Once considered to be one of the most profitable industries, construction today has low profit rates as a result of the rapidly increasing competition in the international market. Construction, contracting and engineering projects are expanded over long terms that lasts for years and have huge budgets. Therefore, they may cause big profit losses even with the smallest error and disruption. On the other hand, critical processes such as accounting, procurement, budget control, and construction site-headquarters relations are still carried out on third party local applications or on Excel tables.

Third party systems used for accounting are limited to keeping records for tax accounting. Since similar local applications are used to monitor the construction site and documents such as work progresses, subcontractor progress payments, and cash flows do not operate simultaneously with accounting, it is not possible for such records to be controlled centrally. The budgets are stored in a similar manner as well; therefore, budgets at construction sites cannot be controlled by the headquarters. Keeping records of these processes locally on different applications creates a problem of manageability. Issues such as purchasing incorrect materials and delays in completion of projects doe to frequent inefficient operations result in high costs. However, this all ends with Çözümevi’s industry-specific solutions.

With the installation of integrated applications that ensure project-based and central performance of all processes, the data kept in different files at the construction site and headquarters start to be stored in synchronization and decision makers can have access to the most current information. Thus, incorrect material purchases are eliminated and the most correct steps can be taken for the progress of project.

Meeting all requirements of engineering, construction, and contracting companies end-to-end, Çözümevi becomes the most preferred consultant by the biggest construction companies.

All business processes are integrated in a central structure in construction and engineering projects that Çözümevi implements on SAP systems. As a result of this, all processes operate in a project-based manner. On the other hand, in HR processes applications go beyond payrolls and provide the perfect answer to the talent, employment, and performance management requirements, which are among the greatest needs of the construction industry. The moment the qualifications are identified, the required talent is first sought within the company and if not found, a job advertisement is created automatically.

With the warehouse system integrated with the consultancy of Çözümevi, all procurements including services are passed through the warehouse and kept under control. Subcontractor management system tracks all contracts about subcontractors in a detailed manner. Settlement structures and receipt exchanges between the construction site and the headquarters are managed automatically. With the procurement system, processes that are carried out on Excel tables or e-mail become integrated on SAP, with full control on the budget. Thanks to the deduction management application used by the subcontractor and the employer, penalties, deduction processes of materials provided to the subcontractor and taken from the employer, warrant deductions, advance deductions, and many other similar processes are automated. Also, project and accounting, which are at the center of the project, continue to monitor and feed this whole system simultaneously.

As a result of ensuring healthy data flow together with initial budget planning, stock-keeping and warehouse management, construction sites are monitored constantly. The distributed structure become central and much easier to manage. With Çözümevi’s industry-specific solutions, construction and contracting companies get the financial control, HR management, and accounting and budget integration they need.