Solution Sales (Real Estate Industry)

Rapid growth in the real estate industry makes it mandatory for companies to use innovative solutions to create a difference. Real estate companies that offer customers special opportunities and more details concerning the flats and that can manage customer relations well succeed in creating a difference in competition.

Real Estate solutions customized by Çözümevi by using SAP CRM infrastructure facilitate the sale of flats and create special opportunities for the customer. Keeping the residence stock, customer database, opportunities, and proposals on the same system ensures that all sales consultants have the most current and useful information in hand.

The system enables monitoring the whole process – from price offers to contracts- and creates perfect coordination between different departments while monitoring purchases by checks and bonds thanks to the integration of accounting. Customizing SAP’s leading CRM solution, Çözümevi allows digital storage of flats in the portfolio of the real estate companies at an unprecedented level of detail.

Thus, all flats can be monitored according to the number of rooms, balconies, or other features. The contacted customers are registered on the database at breakdowns such as the projects they are interested in, at which company they made the final purchasing, and reasons for selecting that company. With such data, real estate industry can make wide-scope analyses and reporting – from market dynamics to customized offers for customers.