Supplier Relations Management

An efficient supplier relations management has positive impact on business activities, creates a more effective and efficient business, and paves the path to stable growth with lower costs and higher profits.
SAP SRM solution manages relations with suppliers effectively and in accordance with the interests of your business. Consisting of components such as strategic procurement, operation supply, and supplier cooperation, SAP SRM operates in integration with the current SAP ECC (ERP Core Components) system.

  • SAP SRM offers functionality that accelerates all your procurement processes such as “Resource Identification,” “Contract Management”, and “Supplier Management”.
  • SAP SRM improves your disorganized procurement processes with “Catalogue Management” and integrates them with purchasing processes. With “Tender Management”, you can shorten procurement times and make procurement process more transparent. With the online reverse auction function, it allows you to procure with the lowest prices in the market and save time.
  • Working in full integration with SAP ERP, “Contract Management” helps you create a central contract database and manage contract compliance.
  • It allows you to perform supplier assessment and supplier performance measurements easily, to increase quality, and to significantly reduce supplier-based risks.
  • With SAP SRM, after the web-based applications of “candidate suppliers” are made, these applications are processed and approved online. Then suppliers are registered on SAP.