TAV Yatırım Holding SAP BO FC Project

We believe that we will ensure quick, practical and easy access to our financial data and see the results faster. We think it was the right decision to select SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation solution.

  • Performing financial reporting processes with a professional software
  • Enabling senior management to have fast, practical, and easy access to the information created on the software
Why SAP?
  • Its global know-how, experience, support network, and solution-centered efforts
Why Çözümevi?
  • Çözümevi’s project experience in Financial Consolidation
  • Deep knowledge of the institution, know-how, and the way it conducts business
SAP Solutions and Services
  • SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation
  • Financial data at different locations and systems are combined at a single center
  • Solo and consolidated reports
  • More systematic reporting process
  • Reduced manual transactions and records, thus time saving
  • Quick access by senior management to financial data required in strategic decisions
  • Quick and practical management reporting
Future Plans
  • TAV Yatırım Holding aims to prepare management reports with the information created in the SAP Financial Consolidation structure and to ensure access to these reports by mobile devices.

Founded in 2005, TAV Yatırım Holding operates in construction, aviation, and parking lot operations. The holding includes TAV İnşaat, TAV Havacılık, TAV Park, and Riva İnşaat companies. TAV İnşaat has become a leading company of the construction industry in a short time with the airport projects it has realized in Turkey and abroad. It is one of the most active Turkish contractors in the Middle Eastern Region. The General Directorate of the company is in Istanbul and it has implemented projects in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Tunisia, Macedonia, Libya, Georgia and France.


Company: TAV Yatırım Holding

Sector: Construction, Aviation

Number of Employees: 7000+

Website: www.tavconstruction.com