Technology Platform

Is your ERP system ready for next-generation employees? Applications that are constrained inside desktop screens in a mobile and digital world have a difficult time reaching the expected prevalence inside the institution. However, you can change your whole ERP system to one that is easily manageable from smart phones and tablets, using SAP’s leading mobility solutions. With SAP Fiori, Sybase and Syclo mobile platform solutions, coordination between the field, managers, and business units is never lost. On the other hand, decision makers confidently take steps necessary to grow the business by using the effective reports accessed via mobile devices.

With the Technology Platform solutions to be used with the consultancy of Çözümevi, offline, advanced, platform-independent applications can be developed without any extra effort. The technology that makes it possible to develop applications with user-friendly screens for the industry and the user allows these applications to be stored on-premise or in the cloud.

With reusable components, customizable HTML5 applications with drag-and-drop system, and tools customized by the expert team of Çözümevi, developing a mobile application between platforms is easier than ever!